Genshin Impact: Every Pyro Character, Ranked

One of the best things about Genshin Impact is the general balance of playable characters in the game. Every player is sure to have their own preferences regarding which element or weapon type provides the best gaming experience, which results in a wide variety of favorite characters.

Despite the general viability of every character in Genshin Impact, there are still certain playable characters who may pull more players into their fanbases. Any of Genshin Impact\’s playable Pyro characters are sure to have their fans. But some are just better than others.

10 Amber

The best thing about Amber is that she is a free Pyro character all beginner Genshin Impact players receive fairly early on in their journey through Mondstadt. At first glance, Amber is a very promising playable Pyro character, as she is a Pyro bow-wielder. The combination of Pyro elemental attacks and ranged weaponry is generally a formidable setup in battle.

However, Amber is still a free 4-star character, so it should come as no surprise that her strength is limited compared to other playable Pyro characters. While Amber is a great introduction to Pyro in Genshin Impact, players should be looking to trade up for a better character as quickly as possible.

9 Xinyan

Xinyan is one example of a Pyro character who can be complemented by a handful of team builds. Xinyan\’s shield abilities can be very useful, but only if players know how to set her up for success. The difficulties presented by Xinyan\’s abilities are compounded by the fact that her elemental abilities can only be maxed out if players know how to hit multiple enemies at once with their attacks.

Ultimately, Xinyan is a 4-star Pyro claymore-wielder and inexperienced or new Genshin Impact players will have more trouble with her than with Diluc, the game\’s 5-star Pyro claymore-wielder.

8 Yanfei

Much like Xinyan, Yanfei\’s main fault is simply the fact that she is a 4-star Pyro catalyst-wielder, while Genshin Impact offers access to a 5-star Pyro catalyst-wielder (Klee) as an alternative. However, players who have yet to unlock Klee will still find that Yanfei is a great catalyst character for any team.

Compared to many characters, Yanfei is fairly easy to use. Each of her attacks allows her to accrue Scarlet Seals. Yanfei\’s charged attacks consume these Scarlet Seals, which are easily visible to players. Even inexperienced players can easily use these visual cues to get the most out of their Yanfei attacks.

7 Thoma

Genshin Impact recently introduced Thoma, the game\’s newest 4-star Pyro polearm-wielder from Inazuma. While Thoma is far from being the strongest Pyro character in Genshin Impact, he does introduce a few new ways to better utilize other characters.

Like Xinyan, Thoma\’s elemental skill produces a Pyro shield, which can be helpful in numerous situations. However, Thoma\’s elemental skill requires an extensive cooldown, and his elemental burst requires a hefty amount of energy. Thoma may be the perfect fit for certain teams, but he is far from indispensable.

6 Yoimiya

Yoimiya is a surprisingly weak 5-star character in Genshin Impact. This bow-wielding fireworks craftsman from Inazuma has a sparkling personality and a flair for the dramatic, but ultimately comes up short in her actual combat ability.

However, Yoimiya still has her uses. For example, if a player does not yet have a 5-star Pyro character, she may be able to outshine a number of 4-star characters. Yoimiya\’s elemental burst ability is particularly useful due to the attack boost this ability grants to the rest of the party. Beyond this, however, she is most useful as an explorer and she makes Genshin Impact\’s best daily tasks, like hunting, Pyro puzzles, and even crafting, a breeze.

5 Xiangling

While this little chef may only be a 4-star Pyro character, Genshin Impact\’s Xiangling is one of the most consistent characters for any high-performing team. Like Thoma from Inazuma, Xiangling is a Pyro polearm-wielder from Liyue Harbor. While she is incredibly strong and fast on her own, she is also great for producing elemental reactions and boosting the rest of her team.

Xiangling\’s elemental skill allows her sidekick, Guoba, to breathe Pyro independently from Xiangling, and her elemental burst produces a high-impact \’Pyronado\’ that swirls around whichever playable character is in use for the duration of the elemental burst, even if she is no longer in on the field.

4 Klee

Much like any other playable character in Genshin Impact, some players may appreciate Klee\’s abilities more than others. However, she is well known as a strong DPS character. And while she may not be irreplaceable in battle, Klee can certainly hold her own with a number of explosive AoE attacks.

As far as combat is concerned, Klee is simply a strong addition to any party. However, she really outshines other characters in her exploration abilities. For one thing, her explosive attacks can be used for mining, eliminating the need for claymore characters. Beyond this, her passive ability, \’All of My Treasures!\’ highlights Mondstadt specialties on the map for easy gathering.

3 Diluc

Simply speaking, Diluc is one of the most impressive DPS characters in Genshin Impact. This 5-star Pyro claymore-wielder from Mondstadt is nearly unstoppable once his attacks begin to gain momentum. Admittedly, players may struggle a bit in learning how to gain momentum while playing as Diluc. However, Diluc\’s slow attack speed is essential in providing some semblance of balance to the game.

Diluc\’s elemental skill alone is able to interrupt otherwise fatal attacks by larger enemies and his elemental burst infuses his weapon with Pyro, allowing repeated elemental attacks, even after the initial damage of the burst itself.

2 Bennett

Even beyond just Pyro characters, Bennett is commonly known as one of the strongest characters in Genshin Impact, despite being just a 4-star character. Bennett is a Pyro sword-wielder from Mondstadt who serves as a ridiculously powerful support character.

Bennett\’s elemental burst can turn virtually any environment into a viable battlefield for his team, as he creates an inspiration field that steadily refills the health of all playable characters to 70 percent, and applies Pyro to characters within the burst\’s AoE. Beyond this, playable characters with at least 70 percent health gain an attack boost based on Bennett\’s attack while inside of the inspiration field.

1 Hu Tao

Hu Tao is a 5-star Pyro polearm-wielder from Liyue and an incredible addition to any high-performing party. Admittedly, she requires a skilled Genshin Impact player to make the most of her abilities. However, she can be an essential ally in boss fights, dealing incredible damage on her own and continuing to boost the critical rate of her teammates when her strength begins to weaken.

Hu Tao trades in portions of her HP for increased interruption resistance and attacks with her elemental skill. However, she is viable even without a dedicated healer, thanks to her elemental burst, which recovers HP.

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