Genshin Impact: Everything We Know About Kamisato Ayato

miHoYo has officially revealed Kamisato Ayato\’s character design in Genshin Impact. His exact release date is still unknown, but it is widely speculated that he will be playable during the 2.6 update. His Banner may be available during the first half of 2.6, along with Kamisato Ayaka\’s rerun possibly in the second half. Although Genshin Impact 2.5 is about to be live in about a week, fans are already saving up their Primogems and pre-farming possible Ascension materials for the Kamisato brother. Here is everything that is known about Kamisato Ayato so far.

First and foremost, everyone knows that he is Kamisato Ayaka\’s elder brother and is the firstborn child of the Kamisato clan in Genshin Impact. Their parents have passed away and therefore, Ayato and Ayaka had to handle all the responsibilities of one of Inazuma\’s most prestigious clans. He does not have to keep up appearances as much as Ayaka does since he deals with the more governmental affairs of the state. Because of this, Ayaka must maintain a perfect façade, as seen in Ayaka\’s emotional character backstory in Genshin Impact, while Ayato is free to be himself. However, he does not make many public appearances and prefers to keep himself low-profile. Ayaka is described as the eldest daughter of the clan, so the Kamisato siblings must have even more younger siblings.

Secondly, Genshin Impact\’s Ayato is well-liked amongst his peers and the citizens of Inazuma. He is described as being constantly busy and stressed. Both Ayaka and Thoma often express their concern over how busy he is, and how he should take care of himself more. His responsibilities as Head of the Kamisato Clan and also as the Leader of the Yashiro Commission, one of Genshin Impact\’s three Inazuma Commissions, makes one wonder whether he has any time to be an ordinary citizen, much like how Ayaka wishes people would treat her. However, he is shown to be able to have fun, as seen in Arataki Itto\’s official character teaser. He has a cunning and playful side, often to Thoma\’s dismay. Arataki Itto seems to always have a good time with Ayato whenever they play card games or have a beetle battle. Despite all his mischief, he is shown to be fiercely loyal and patriotic, something that even Raiden Shogun admires.

Kamisato Ayato\’s Combat Abilities in Genshin Impact

Kamisato Ayato shares a similar design to his sister. They both share the same eye color and hair color, with Ayato\’s asymmetrical hair being a bit of a darker blue. While Ayaka has a small beauty mark near the bottom of her left eye, Ayato has one near the bottom left of his mouth. Kamisato Ayato\’s official Genshin Impact character reveal shows that he only has a few pieces of samurai armor scattered near his arms, but it does not take up the bulk of his clothing. Instead, he opts for a mixed-looking white and blue 3-piece suit with the traditional Japanese haori that includes long wide sleeves. The long back of the jacket that extends below his knees has an allover Kamisato Crest pattern imprinted on the inside fabric. Ayaka also has the Kamisato Crest print on various parts of her outfit. This indicates their important and prideful positions in their clan.

More importantly, Genshin Impact fans can see his Hydro Vision clearly worn next to his waist. His official art has him holding what seems to be a Hydro-infused blade. It is too soon to say whether he will be one of the best Genshin Impact Hydro characters to build, but it is very likely that he will be a 5-star Hydro sword user. It is also possible that he can switch between two weapon types. This is further proven by an Inazuma NPC named \”Nobumori.\” Nobumori mentions that Ayato is adept in the arts of both the sword and the spear. This further suggests that he may be a spear and sword user, like Raiden Shogun.

He may also be similar to Tartaglia, in which his weapon will automatically be infused with Hydro during a short period of time. His exact combat skills are unknown, and whether he will be a DPS or Support is still very much up for debate. However, it is predicted that he may have great synergy with Ayaka, possibly becoming a great Frozen duo with her, just like best friends Chongyun and Xingqiu. He could also be someone who supports Hydro units, just like Shenhe, who improves Genshin Impact Cryo teams and Gorou, who buffs Geo DMG.

However, there will need to be drastic changes in his kit in order to make him really different from Xingqiu, a top-tier Hydro support sword user. A Hydro-infused blade indicates some sort of Burst Support or Hydro applier. Hydro units are lacking, so it will definitely be a refreshing addition to the current roster of playable characters, especially because most Hydro characters are catalyst users.

How Kamisato Ayato Received His Vision in Genshin Impact

Nobumori also states that he lost a challenge to Ayato, and thus had to give up his Vision. This means that Ayato was not the original owner of the Vision, but a person who has gained one through acquiring someone else\’s. This is also seen through the characters Mona and Ningguang, who were both also not the original holders of their Vision. Kaedehara Kazuha, who may reappear in Genshin Impact Version 2.6, experiments with this phenomenon. How a Vision granted by the gods can still resonate with another chosen individual is nothing short of extraordinary. Kazuha\’s friend died as a martyr, and his Vision lost power alongside his death.

In Ayato\’s case, the question of how the Vision regarded Ayato as its new master is still up for discussion. The secondary owners of the Vision do not necessarily have the same element as before. Perhaps the Hydro Archon found Ayato\’s duty for justice and fairness admirable for them to bestow a new master for that Vision. It is interesting to note this because while Ayaka\’s Cryo Vision came to her because of her strong ambition in wanting to alleviate her brother\’s burdens, Ayato\’s Vision did not come naturally to him.

In Thoma\’s Hangout Event and unlockable character stories through increasing Genshin Impact Friendship Level, Kamisato Ayato is shown to have inspired loyalty in many people. An NPC named \”Hirotatsu\” states that he will continue to serve the Yashiro Commission as gratitude for the Kamisato family\’s help. Kamisato Ayato was the catalyst for how Thoma received his Vision. According to Thoma\’s story, Ayato requested that Thoma was better off leaving early than getting involved with the increasing demands of the Kamisato Clan\’s affairs. Thoma adamantly refused and thus, a blazing Vision appeared before Thoma.

Although Genshin Impact leaks of upcoming characters are the most sought after, official confirmation of Kamisato Ayato freed many players from doubt. However, just like any other character from Genshin Impact, Kamisato Ayato is still a product of a gacha game. That means he is not free from low drop rates. Although Genshin Impact pull rates won\’t ever change, the formula of releasing new characters has been successful so far.

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