Genshin Impact fan creates a real-life replica of Skyward Pride

Genshin Impact has a total of five weapon types in the game. Each weapon has lore behind it, almost as if it were a character in history. New updates more often than not, include new weapon series of a particular theme. The unique characteristics of the weapons have quite often inspired players to replicate these weapons in real life. Now, a Genshin Impact fan, Vitrostatik has created a real-life replica of Skyward Pride, one of the most loved weapons in the game.

Skyward Pride replica is stunning and entirely made of EVA and LED foam

Most players have a special place in their hearts for the first five-star weapon they ever pulled for, as the weapon banner is very harsh on players who pull on it. Vitrostatik, a Genshin Impact fan posted a picture of the Skyward Pride replica on Reddit and they certainly didn’t skimp out in creating the sword, making it out of EVA and LED foam. Turning out quite heavy, the sword has built-in lights, which gives its appearance a special twist in the dark.

I’ve made the Skyward Pride IRL ? from Genshin_Impact

Skyward Pride was released quite a while ago but is still relevant to the current game scenario. It is still considered an impressively useful five-star weapon. The weapon is a great choice for Energy Recharge dependent DPS characters, like Diluc.

Image via miHoYo

Skyward Pride has a passive that allows the player to create a vacuum blade that deals 80-160% of attack to its opponents after an Elemental Burst, Normal, or Charged Attack. The weapon is also useful for new characters such as Arataki Itto, the beloved Oni from version 2.3. He will come again to the wish screen in the second banner of version 2.7.

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