Genshin Impact Fan-Made Arataki Itto Wish Animation Should Be In-Game

A Genshin Impact fan-made wish animation for Arataki Itto looks good enough to be in-game. After winning the award for Best Mobile Game, game developer miHoYo celebrated its win by allowing Genshin Impact players to claim 1600 free Primogems before the end of the 2.3 update.

Genshin Impact’s 2.3 update dropped in late November with players expecting the next one to occur around January 5, 2022, according to the developer’s plan to release new content for the game every six weeks. The update provided the engaging content players have come to expect from the developer, including new events, new artifacts, and new characters.  The new characters that made their game debuts from the update were the Geo-powered Gorou and Arataki Itto, a descendant of the crimson oni.  Since players had access to the characters’ home nation of Inazuma, material farming for Itto and Gorou, before the Genshin Impact 2.3 update, was possible. 

One Genshin Impact fan showed his appreciation for Arataki Itto by creating an alternate wish animation that is so good that it should be included in the game.  The wish animation was created by Reddit user TheTurtleSensei0003 and posted on the game’s subreddit to much approval from the community. Along with added animation of the Taurus Iracundus constellation, TheTurtleSensei0003 included an unfixed image of Itto when he appears at the end to give the wish animation some flair.

The care that TheTurtleSensei003 showed by creating this animation shows that Arataki Itto is a character they are passionate about. Many Genshin Impact fans have their own favorite characters that they\’re clearly invested in, but Arataki Itto seems to have resonated especially. Back in October, miHoYo’s surprise Genshin Impact character reveal of Arataki Itto on social media was met with much enthusiasm from the game’s fans.  While many in the subreddit would love to see 5-star summons similar to the fan-made animation, one commenter pointed out that although there are cutscenes similar to TheTurtleSensei003’s animation in miHoYo’s games, there is the possibility that limited memory space prevents those cutscenes from being included in Genshin Impact

Along with his fan-made wish animation of Arataki Itto, TheTurtleSensei003 has created other Genshin Impact-inspired videos.  A few of those videos focus on Arataki Itto, making one assume that the Claymore-welding, Oni-blooded leader of the Arataki gang is a favorite. With a recent leak teasing a new Shenhe domain in Genshin Impact, along with other 2.4 update material, TheTurtleSensei003 should have enough inspiration to keep the stylish fan-made Genshin Impact content coming.

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