Genshin Impact fan makes an Inazuma-themed Nightclub in Serenitea Pot

Fans of Genshin Impact go to great lengths to display their love for the game, from producing card decks to building a real-life recreation of Skyward Pride and now an Inazuma nightclub in a Serenitea pot. The Serenitea Pot or Realm Within, also known popularly as Teapot, Housing, Homeland, or Player Housing. It is a mechanism in Genshin Impact that allows the player to build their own house. Players engage with the system through the use of a device of the same name. In Co-op mode, regardless of World Level, players can request to visit a friend’s Serenitea Pot.

The Inazuma-themed Nightclub is created by  u/doubledairy, with the post generating over 2.5K upvotes already. Redditors in the comments section are filled with curiosity about how to create such a magnificent place on their own.

Made an Inazuma Nightclub in my teapot! from Genshin_Impact

Inazuma-themed nightclub: A wonderful creation

The Inazuma-themed Nightclub contains a large number of seats for the audience, which is the center stage for performances, and a dancer’s pole in the center of the stage. Characters can interact with all of the seats in the venue, and they can also climb onto the pole in the center of the stage. In addition, the Nightclub has private rooms and a bar.

Image via Reddit

The Inazuma-themed Nightclub was created using a clipping method. The clipping method is a concept that if one shakes the item quickly enough, they can fool the game into thinking that it has gone from an unplaceable condition to a placeable state so quickly. Therefore, it just quits up and lets people set it wherever they want. The clipping method is explained in detail by u/BergerBlob here.

The Inazuma-themed Nightclub is just the tip of the iceberg. We can’t wait to see what else fans may do, to recreate the realm of Tevyat through their own creative ways.

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