Genshin Impact fanmade survey reveals character preferences, purchase habits, and more

Genshin Impact, the open-world adventure RPG developed by miHoYo is one of the most popular mobile titles and boasts of a massive fanbase that engages in various ways ranging from fanarts, cosplays to coming up with gameplay ideas and new character concepts. Genshin Impact has over 1.3 million followers on the official subreddit with a big presence on HoYoLAB and Billibili. Apart from this, a lot of gamers have been involved in a deep analysis of gameplay items, players spending and the preferences of players, in regards to character and team compositions. One such survey had been conducted by a user named im-a-chihuahua on Reddit in September 2021. In this article, we will look at the trends and results from the Genshin Impact fanmade survey.

Player demographics 

The game is played across various devices and is available globally. The survey conducted collected data of 428 players. Almost 55% of the travelers have identified themselves as males, while females have accounted for 35% of the total. The majority of players are between ages 18 to 25, with 26 to 25 being the second most populated option. 

Genshin Impact fanmade survey: Age Demographics 

North American server is the most popular among the survey takers. But, this can be attributed to the small set of people taking part in the survey, which was conducted primarily on Reddit and HoYoLAB. This doesn’t include a major part of the Chinese and the Japanese community. The preferred medium of playing Genshin Impact based on the results is PC, followed by mobile. Gamers do prefer to play on mobile paired with PC, as opposed to console and mobile.

Player breakdown based on platform (Image via Reddit)

Genshin Impact fanmade survey: Player spendings

It comes as no surprise as a majority of the player base (34%) is f2p. They do not spend even a single dime on the game. Travelers who shill out money for in-game progress and items prefer to buy the pair of Battle Pass (Gnostic Hymn), followed by Blessing of Welkin Moon. None of the participating users has bought Gnostic Chorus, which increases the progress on the battle pass by 10 levels, unique battle card, and fragile resin. The results match closely with another detailed survey done 10 months on Reddit. This shows that a big chunk of players refrains from spending in-game.

Genshin Impact fanmade survey: Player spendings (Image via Reddit)

Spiral Abyss: End-game content in Genshin Impact 

Spiral Abyss, the end-game content rewards gamers with Primogems refreshes every two weeks. Certain floors of the domain pose a serious challenge, repeating the same challenge every two weeks. This can get boring which is reflected in the poll, as nearly half of the responses suggest that they don’t like the Spiral Abyss. This can be attributed to various facts like high difficulty on floor 12 and low rewards in return for high efforts.

Additionally, 41% of the survey takers have completed all floors, albeit not obtaining 9 stars on every challenge. Interestingly, about 8.6% of the people who responded, don’t take part in the Spiral Abyss.

Players and their current situation in Spiral Abyss (Image via Reddit)

A detailed breakdown of the data reveals that players who enjoy or like the Spiral Abyss are 5 times more likely to complete all the floors in comparison to those who do not. 

Genshin Impact characters: Most-used, favourite and least-liked 

With over 45 characters, travellers have a lot of options to choose from and each player has his or her favourite character. At the start of the game, players can choose either Aether (Male) or Lumine (Female). The results suggest that players prefer Lumine over Aether.

Sibling choices made by the players (Image via Reddit)

The most used characters are Bennett, Baal (Raiden Shogun), and Xingqiu. They all are great picks for Spiral Abyss and the overworld.

Characters most used in Genshin Impact (Image via Reddit)

Zhongli, Kazuha, and Raiden Shogun take the top three spots in the most-liked characters. Whereas, Xinyan, Qiqi, and Aloy have the dubious distinction of the least-liked characters. The top honours are taken by the two Archons and Kazuha who have enjoyed being on the top of the tier list for a long time.

They also have been highly sought after for their design, while the incoherent kits of Xinyan and Aloy have made them enter at the bottom of the list. Qiqi is one of the worst 5-star characters which is usually the reason for fans not liking her.

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