Genshin Impact Fans Are Convinced Light Sigils Are Hinting At A New Element

Some Genshin Impact fans believe that the game\’s new Light Realm Sigil item may be hinting at a new Light element. The action role-playing game, developed by newly-renamed studio HoYoverse, features an ever-expanding roster of playable characters who use elemental abilities in combat. Genshin Impact 2.6 beta leaks have shown off upcoming new features, but the addition of an eighth element to the fantasy title has not yet been teased.

Genshin Impact receives updates about every six weeks, allowing HoYoverse (formerly miHoYo) to keep fans engaged with a constant stream of new content. A beta release is used to test future updates, and this typically leads to leaks before any official announcements. For example, leaks suggest that the upcoming Genshin Impact Version 2.6 will add the Chasm region of Liyue, a large mining area set to include a single domain and five teleport waypoints. HoYoverse also keeps the ARPG alive through in-game events, with the Three Realms Gateway event in Genshin Impact recently beginning in-game.

Reddit user BluwulfX recently theorized that the Light Realm Sigils, added to Genshin Impact for the Three Realms Gateway event, may be hinting at a future Light element. The game\’s world of Teyvat contains seven different elements, six of which are currently available in-game for characters to wield. Each Genshin Impact element has sigils associated with it, and the newly-introduced Light Sigil fits perfectly with these other items. This may suggest that Light will eventually be added to the game as an eighth element, though other Reddit users who responded to BluwulfX\’s post are skeptical about any impending introduction.

Genshin Impact\’s playable characters can be associated with the Anemo, Pyro, Electro, Hydro, Cryo or Geo elements. The game\’s lore tells of a seventh element, however, and leaks suggest that a Genshin Impact update may add the Dendro element during summer 2022. The Dendro element gives users control over nature and plants, and it is also associated with Teyvat\’s Sumeru region. Leakers claim that Sumeru and the Dendro element will be added to Genshin Impact before the end of the year, in a massive update similar in scale to the game\’s Inazuma expansion.

While a new Light element could make a surprising and thrilling new Genshin Impact development, many fans believe that the addition is unlikely. The already-known Dendro element is still yet to make an appearance, and no Light element is mentioned in the game\’s lore. While Light and Dark elements could make fascinating additions in the future, for now the Light Realm Sigil is likely just an innocent item.

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