Genshin Impact Fans Celebrate Kokomi's Birthday With Gorgeous Art

A number of Genshin Impact fans celebrated Sangonomiya Kokomi\’s birthday by the stunning art they created in the character\’s honor. Kokomi joined the Genshin Impact roster as a playable hero in Version 2.1, the September 2021 update that also added Baal and Sara to the already robust lineup. A five-star Hydro character and Catalyst user, Kokomi hails from the Sangonomiya Clan and serves as Watatsumi Island\’s Divine Priestess.

Genshin Impact as a free-to-play action-RPG in September 2020 on PC, PlayStation, Android, and iOS platforms. It didn\’t take long for the fantastical adventure to take the world by storm. On mobile devices, alone the title managed to rake in an impressive $400 million within two months of its release. It was clear then that HoYoverse (the developer formerly known as miHoYo) had nothing short of a runaway success on its hands. Such momentum has yet to slow down, thanks in large part to the studio\’s unceasing post-launch support, which recently resulted in the release of Genshin Impact Update 2.5 on February 15.

In celebration of Sangonomiya Kokomi\’s birthday yesterday, February 22, Genshin Impact fans honored the character by posting gorgeous fan art. Twitter user and illustrator Celestial Fang, for example, shared a stunning painting of Kokomi dominated by several shades of blue, purple, and pink. Another incredible artist, kirari on Twitter, posted a colorful drawing of the fan-favorite character underwater. Meanwhile, the very talented AraAraImpact transformed Kokomi into a pantsuit-wearing model for the birthday celebration. Check out all art pieces in the tweets linked below:

Suffice it to say, the above art pieces seem perfectly fit for a celebration of the beloved Divine Priestess. And, of course, this merely scratches the surface of Genshin Impact fan art, of which there is plenty circulating online. In the past, some fan-made artworks have even combined the worlds of HoYoverse\’s Genshin Impact and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild to awe-inspiring results.

Genshin Impact\’s most recent content update, the aforementioned Version 2.5, went live across all available platforms last week on Tuesday, February 15. The latest patch most notably introduced Yae Miko as the title\’s first five-star Electro Catalyst, along with two new weapons in the form of Kagura’s Verity and Oathsworn Eye. Unsurprisingly, leaked details about Patch 2.6 have already begun making the rounds online, offering a closer look at Genshin Impact\’s previously confirmed The Chasm locale and hinting at the addition of Yelan as a playable character. When HoYoverse plans on detailing the next major update presently remains unknown.

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