Genshin Impact Fan's Chibi Arataki Itto Figures Are Detailed & Adorable

A crafty Genshin Impact fan has created chibi figures of Arataki Itto, one of the newest additions to the game\’s roster of playable characters. miHoYo\’s action role-playing game features a large and ever-expanding list of playable companions, and each one brings their own unique personality and powers to the table. Genshin Impact\’s Arataki Itto character reveal took place back in October, with the Geo-powered gang leader being officially added to the game on December 14, 2021.

As one of the most recent additions to Genshin Impact\’s lineup, Arataki Itto has captured the attention of many fans. The prideful gang leader possesses a demonic ancestry, making him a natural troublemaker with a rude personality. However, Itto\’s kind heart provides him with redeeming qualities, and combined with his unique design this has quickly made him a fan-favorite amongst Genshin Impact\’s community. In the past the game\’s fanbase has demonstrated their appreciation for new heroes through artistic creations, and Arataki Itto has received similar attention since his introduction. A fan-made animation of Genshin Impact\’s Arataki Itto was created by one fan, while others have brought the character to life in physical creations.

As a tribute to Genshin Impact\’s new Geo-wielding Oni hero, Reddit user MadeinSaturn has modeled and constructed chibi action figures of Arataki Itto. The talented fan designed a uniquely cartoonish version of the demonic character using 3D modeling software, and then used a 3D printer to bring the toys to life. The chibi figures come complete with Itto\’s strangely spiky claymore sword, his unmistakable attire and his adorable little Oni horns poking through his long white hair.

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While Arataki Itto is currently one of Genshin Impact\’s newest characters, the action role-playing game\’s devoted fanbase is always looking to the future. The game\’s 2.3 update introduced Itto and Gorou, and Genshin Impact\’s forthcoming 2.4 update is set to introduce two new characters named Shenhe and Yun Jin. Both polearm-wielding warriors will diversify the title\’s cast even further through their unique backstories and abilities. The Cryo-user Shenhe will act as a disciple of the wise Cloud Retainer, while Yun Jin will be a Geo-user who is also a prestigious dancer and singer.

Putting an adorable unique spin on a notoriously edgy character, MadeinSaturn\’s cartoonish figurines of Arataki Itto are an amazing tribute to the new Genshin Impact hero. The quality of the 3D modeling and physical construction that went into the figures is incredible, with the chibis looking as if they were official merchandise developed and sold by miHoYo. For Genshin Impact fans, especially those who love Arataki Itto, these custom-made chibi figures would make an excellent addition to any collection.

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