Genshin Impact Fan's Yae Miko Art Is Perfect For Celebrating Her Release

A fan recently shared incredible hand-drawn artwork of Yae Miko, who miHoYo confirmed will join the Genshin Impact roster as a playable character. MiHoYo announced the Yae Miko news late last week, hinting at the shrine maiden\’s Kitsune lineage. One detail, in particular, remains beyond public knowledge, though – when Yae will enter the mix. Since the studio unveiled Version 2.4 characters weeks ago, it\’s safe to assume the Guuji of the Grand Narukami Shrine won\’t join the fun in the new update, which goes live across all platforms tomorrow, January 5.

Yae Miko wears many hats in the world of Genshin Impact. In addition to overseeing the Grand Narukami Shrine, she also serves as Editor-in-Chief of the Yae Publishing House. Plus, she bears connections to the likes of Baal and Morax, acquaintances that exemplify the fact that there\’s more than meets the eye when it comes to Yae Miko. Now Genshin Impact fans have taken it upon themselves to celebrate Yae Miko\’s eventual inclusion on the roster.

A few days ago, Reddit user heloitsame posted an image of their hand-drawn Yae Miko art. The artist said they waited four months to share the work due to self-consciousness, then finally decided to release it after \”miHoYo blessed us with drip marketing.\” As noted by several Reddit commenters, heloitsame\’s art style is gorgeous by every measure and perfectly encapsulates the beauty of the subject. Heloitsame confirmed that some parts of the piece were painted as well, which seems evident upon closer inspection. Regardless of the medium used, though, Yae Miko looks amazing in the following fan art:

Other Yae Miko-centric Genshin Impact fan art will likely surface in the weeks ahead as players patiently await word of a due date for the character. Again, while miHoYo announced her impending arrival, myriad specifics remain under lock and key for the time being.

Fresh Genshin Impact content is on the horizon, though, thanks to the January 5 rollout of Version 2.4. The update will add Shenhe as a playable character and debut an all-new locale in the form of Enkanomiya, which boasts a day-night cycle, additional challenges, and boss characters who have yet to see the light of day.

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