Genshin Impact Finally Gets Guitar Hero (Kind Of)

Genshin Impact Amazing Arataki Drum Event

Genshin Impact\’s recently aired Version 2.7 livestream revealed a lot of what\’s to come in the next update. Characters, events, and more were revealed, with a lot of excitement to go around. One musical event specifically bears a resemblance to the famous video game Guitar Hero, though, and it looks like al to of fun.
Genshin Impact has had two music-based events in its past. The first involved a Gadget in Genshin Impact called the Windsong Lyre during the game\’s \”Invitation to Windblume\” event, and players had to press the respective keyboard buttons in timing with a song. The second event was called \”Tuned to the World\’s Sounds,\” where the player was gifted the Floral Zither Gadget from Kazuha. The minigame for the second event was practically identical to the first.

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Now upcoming in the Genshin Impact 2.7 update, an event called \”The Almighty Arataki Great And Glorious Drumalong Festival\” has a very similar gameplay mechanic to the previous two events. However, the layout for this event is different. Players may even find that it actually looks and feels very similar to Guitar Hero.

Genshin Impact: Almighty Arataki Great & Glorious Drumalong Festival Looks Like Guitar Hero

Genshin Impact Drum Event Gameplay

The \”Almighty Arataki Great And Glorious Drumalong Festival\” will be the third event that takes place during Genshin Impact\’s 2.7 update. Similar to the previous musical events, the player will receive a new gadget, this time the player will receive Arataki\’s Great and Glorious Drum and will be able to perform various songs with it in order to receive Primogems. However, the gameplay is slightly different from the previous musical events, making it immediately stand out.

The gameplay of the event was shown off during the 2.7 livestream, with the player selecting Pro difficulty which is the highest. Various keys were across the screen horizontally, and the player had to hit the correct key in correspondence with the timing of the song as they descended from the top of the screen. In Pro difficulty, these notes descended incredibly quickly, leaving no room for a break. There were notes that had to be pressed at the same time, notes that had to be held, and a mixture of both at the same time. Genshin Impact does not shy away from difficulty, as the difficulty looked very similar to the harder songs of Guitar Hero, meaning players might move their hands as quickly on their keyboards as they would with Guitar Hero\’s guitar accessory.

Since this new music-themed event also comes with the added bonus of players being able to create their own beat maps and share them with other players, this event will likely become a favorite of the community. And since it will feel just like the rhythm games that people love, like Guitar Hero, players will be eagerly awaiting it when it likely comes along with Itto\’s rerun in the second half of Version 2.7. All of Genshin Impact\’s 2.7 events look promising, but \”The Almighty Arataki Great And Glorious Drumalong Festival\” will likely be the most fun.

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