Genshin Impact Fischl Cosplay Comes Complete with Pet Raven Oz

Twitch streamer xglorifyingx dressed in Genshin Impact Fischl cosplay for Halloween and even added in the character\’s pet raven Oz to complete the look. Fischl debuted in Genshin Impact in the Ballad in Goblets event as one of the game\’s most adventurous heroes.

A playable Electro character, Fischl von Luftschloss Narfidort serves as an investigator in the Mondstadt\’s Adventurers\’ Guild. The character\’s familiar and companion, a night raven named Oz, usually accompanies her on various escapades and appears at her side when summoned for battle. In addition to offering assistance during combat encounters, Oz counts among the few Genshin Impact familiars who possess the ability to communicate through speech. One other known example includes Baizhu\’s white snake, Changsheng. Given the significance of familiars, then, it\’s only fair that Fischl cosplay also adds Oz into the mix. After all, he\’s long seemed an essential part of her overall aesthetic.

Of course, Halloween 2021 would not have been complete without at least one instance of viral Genshin Impact cosplay. Twitch streamer xglorifyingx\’s mesmerizing Fischl costume took the internet by storm a few days ago, after she shared a series of photos on her Instagram account (via Dexerto). The images depict the streamer and cosplayer dressed to the nines in a Fischl-style outfit designed almost entirely out of thrifted materials. Better still, the Electro character\’s night raven Oz features in the Halloween photoshoot as well, as it takes part in a wide variety of different poses, each one inspired by some of Fischl\’s most notable stances. See them all in the Instagram post below:

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Glori (@xglorifyingx)

Suffice it to say, xglorifyingx\’s cosplay is fit for a Princess and will no doubt go down alongside the most memorable Halloween costumes shared online this year. There were plenty of good ones, too, such as the father-daughter Halo cosplay that saw the duo dressed as Master Chief and a red Spartan II, respectively. A couple of Dobermans also joined the spooky season festivities recently, appearing in a photoshoot as Resident Evil zombie dogs.

Released in September 2020 on PC, PS4, and mobile platforms, Genshin Impact has enjoyed a whirlwind of success since day one. Developer miHoYo\’s regular content updates keep players invested long-term, with new playable characters, hangout events, mini-games, and more constantly adding fresh thrills to the action RPG experience.

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