Genshin Impact Fixes Yae Miko Nerf After Backlash

The recent 2.6 update in Genshin Impact introduced a whole host of changes, including a nerf for Yae Miko\’s Sesshou Sakura skill that will soon be rolled back following fan backlash. Before the 2.6 patch went live on March 30, the targeting mechanic in question worked in such a way that it attacked enemies on the battlefield at random. The update attempted to rein in Sesshou Sakura by ensuring the strikes prioritized nearby foes above all else.

It didn\’t take long for Yae Miko players to openly express their dismay at such alterations to her moveset. Notably, the Sesshou Sakura-related adjustments meant the Elemental skill no longer worked as intended, especially since users found themselves unable to tell which enemies would sit on the receiving end of the attacks. Striking the nearest opponents as opposed to random ones also resulted in a lesser number of foes taking damage. Thus, the Genshin Impact Version 2.6 changes to Yae Miko were quickly deemed an unfavorable nerf. Developer HoYoverse (formerly miHoYo) plans to right this particular wrong soon enough, though.

In a recent post on Genshin Impact\’s official Twitter page, developer HoYoverse announced plans to rollback the Version 2.6 fix to Yae Miko\’s targeting mechanic. Such a reversal will go live later this week on Wednesday, April 6; therefore, instead of exclusively attacking nearby enemies, the Sesshou Sakura Elemental skill will once more target Yae Miko\’s foes at random. The Twitter post from HoYoverse further noted that every other targeting-specific change is set to remain in effect. Moreover, in a HoYolab blog entry, the studio promised to adjust the \”testing and verification process\” to circumvent future errors that negatively impact the user experience.

The forthcoming patch will no doubt prove a welcome change to Yae Miko\’s Electro-based skillset; so, hopefully, the rollback comes and goes without a hitch this week. Of course, the nerf to this particular character\’s targeting mechanic wasn\’t all that Genshin Impact Update 2.6 introduced. The patch additionally unlocked access to new banners, events, and heroes such as Kamisato Ayato.

One of the more significant additions to the live-service RPG also included the arrival of The Chasm as an explorable area. This multi-tiered locale boasts numerous points of interest, some of which exist above ground while the rest only appear in the underground mines. Given the bosses and story advancements featured in the location, The Chasm counts as a Genshin Impact map that players will want to explore extensively.

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