Genshin Impact: Flameplume Starflowers Guide (Lantern Rite 2022)

Flameplume Starflower is one of the featured themes for Genshin Impact\’s latest event, \”Fleeting Colors in Flight.\” Centered around the production of Fireworks, Flameplume Starflower provides a new Gadget and minigame for players to create and launch Fireworks. Also known as Firework Gadget, the Launch Tube is a quest reward item that players will need to use Fireworks. To obtain it, Genshin Impact fans must complete the event quest, \”The Blazing Stars Ring In Fortune,\” which automatically becomes available from the start of the Fleeting Colors in Flight Event.

The quest requires the Traveler to speak with Ningguang within Liyue Harbor. After some dialogue, she will send the player to the Liyue fireworks stall to talk with Keqing. Once the automatic conversation plays through, fans will receive the Launch Tube. However, they must continue onward to the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor and the Third-Round Knockout to fully complete the quest and acquire its rewards.

To use the Launch Tube in Genshin Impact, players must open their Inventory, select the Gadget tab, and \”Place\” the Firework Gadget at the desired location. Keep in mind that the item isn\’t equipable but will instead hover in place after it is activated. Players will be given the two options of smelting Fireworks in Genshin Impact or preparing them for launch. Choosing the \”Smelt Fireworks\” will access the \”Flameplume Starflowers: Production Challenge\” minigame.

How Flameplume Starflowers Works in Genshin Impact

The Firework smelting minigame in Genshin Impact is central to Flameplume Starflower, as players will need to create Fireworks of progressively higher Quality to complete event challenges. Challenge rewards include Mora, Primogems, Mystic Enhancement Ore, new Fireworks, and event currency known as Affluence Talismans. These Affluence Talismans can be used at the event shop to buy various Fireworks, Fragments for crafting, and Hero\’s Wits.

The Flameplume Starflowers: Production Challenge may seem complex from a glance but is reasonably straightforward once players put in a bit of practice. Several factors affect how the Quality of the Fireworks is to be achieved. For example, multiple smelting parameters affect a Firework\’s Quality, depending on how close the player adjusts them to their ideal zone. Genshin Impact fans must use different Smelting Techniques to modify each parameter to various degrees. As players complete more Flameplume Starflowers challenges, they will learn new techniques to raise the Quality even higher.

Additionally, players must manage other aspects such as the Launch Tube\’s Firepower and Smelting Endurance. Endurance is identical to a Stamina stat, meaning that once it\’s depleted, the smelting process ends. The challenge minigame is by no means easy, but players will undoubtedly have much fun creating beautiful fireworks and earning rewards for doing so.

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