Genshin Impact: Fleeting Colors in Flight Event Guide

Heralding in the Lunar New Year, \”Fleeting Colors in Flight\” is Genshin Impact\’s latest ongoing event that will continue until February 12. During this event, players will be able to earn free rewards, including hundreds of Primogems, event currency used for purchasing valuable materials, and Ningguang\’s Character Outfit, Orchid\’s Evening Gown. To participate in the Fleeting Colors in Flight Event, fans must have reached Adventure Rank 28 in Genshin Impact and completed Archon Quest Act 1: Chapter 3 and Interlude Act 1.

The Fleeting Colors in Flight Event consists of four themed activities, three of which are available to play now, with the fourth unlocking on January 31. Acts 1-2 make up Flameplume Starflowers, The Great Gathering, and Wondrous Shadows. Upcoming Act 3 will introduce Oceanic Defender, an activity where players will travel to the lair of a mysterious, deepsea monster and face it in battle. Each of the themes provides several challenges to complete, and each challenge will reward players with Mora, Primogems, event Talismans, and Level-Up Materials.

Fleeting Colors in Flight\’s first activity is Flameplume Starflowers, in which players will receive a Gadget called the Launch Tube for making and launching Fireworks. To obtain the Fireworks Gadget in Genshin Impact, players will need to complete the quest, \”The Blazing Stars Ring in Fortune.\” Once players have acquired the Launch Tube, they can participate in the \”Flameplume Starflowers: Production Challenge,\” a minigame where players must craft progressively higher qualities of Fireworks to earn a good deal of rewards. Players can also smelt Fireworks for fun and create beautiful, sky-lit sceneries.

How Fleeting Colors Works in Genshin Impact

While Flameplume Starflowers is more complex and creative, The Great Gathering is more rudimentary in its activity. This segment is unlocked by finishing the prerequisite quest \”Petal-Lit Ships Fish For the Moon.\” To complete challenges in The Great Gathering, players must battle treasure hoarder enemies and ride a boat to collect drifting boxes of treasure. Fighting the enemy mobs may be challenging, yet there is, fortunately, no time limit for salvaging the curios. Players can complete this Fleeting Colors in Flight activity at their own pace to receive their rewards. However, once the base objectives are over, a new quests challenge will appear known as \”Midpoint Interception.\” This section requires players to navigate the Waverider on thrilling boat missions to fight treasure hoarders and destroy transport ballons.

The third theme is Wondrous Shadows, which becomes available once players complete \”The Bright-Windowed Lanterns Hide Their Shadows.\” This activity is a relaxing puzzle minigame where the Traveler must spin and rotate a wooden model to create a shadow image matching a given description.

Some of the challenges for each theme are unlocked gradually in real-time as the event progresses. Keep in mind the Talismans players collect all count towards unlocking the Orchid\’s Evening Gown in Genshin Impact.

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