Genshin Impact Ganyu Cosplay From Model Is Ethereal & Stunning

A Genshin Impact cosplayer has introduced some Teyvat magic to the real world with their otherworldly Ganyu cosplay. Genshin Impact\’s characters are created with beauty, style, and power in mind, making them the perfect fit for the game\’s impressive world design but somewhat tricky to emulate through cosplay. Despite this, the creator\’s incredible photoshoots have proven it really is possible to transform into the game\’s heroes.

Cosplayer and model Hitomi Kudō\’s Genshin Impact cosplay has brought the game\’s beauty to life in gorgeous detail. The model\’s interpretation of Ganyu comes straight from the game itself with the character\’s instantly recognizable blue hair and ready-for-action outfit. As seen in close-up shots, Kudō has even perfected Ganyu\’s eye color, hairstyle, and accessories. In a magical beach photoshoot, Kudō looks as though they\’re in Teyvat itself, bringing the game to the real world through both the cosplay and setting.

Genshin Impact\’s Ganyu is a fan-favorite character, making her the perfect choice for a mystical and magical cosplay, but Ganyu isn\’t the only Genshin hero that Kudō has cosplayed as. Other works from the creator include Yanfei, Sucorse, and Lumine, each complete with full costumes, styled wigs, and accessories, offering realistic versions of the Genshin favorites. The model has admitted that styling the wigs is one of the longest parts of the cosplay looks, but the results couldn\’t be any more perfect.

Find more from the creator on Instagram at hitomi_okami_cos, or Twitter at hitomi_okami.

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