Genshin Impact Garcia's Paean World Quest Guide

Garcia’s Paean World quest was released in Version 2.7 of Genshin Impact on the 31st of May, 2022. In an attempt to find the ideal formula for making the delicious Radish veggie soup through their invention known as the numbering machine. Garcia and Lutong seem to be coming from Fontaine, meeting the Traveler and Paimon near Wangshu inn. This article contains a detailed guide on how to unlock and complete the quest in Genshin Impact, known as The Garcia’s Paean world quest, which is located in Wangshu Inn, found in the region of Liyue.

It must be noted that Garcia’s Paean world quest cannot be completed if the Archon Quest Wangshu is underway, as Smiley Yanxiao is involved in both quests.

How to complete the Garcia’s Paean World Quest Guide

The following steps below contain detailed information about how to complete the quest.

Teleport to Wangshu Inn, Liyue and they must go to the bottom floor of the inn, then go to the dining area. After that, they should approach the NPCs named Garcia and Lutong which will start a cutscene.

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  1. Players must go to the kitchen in Wangshu Inn and after a bunch of dialogues, Garcia and Lutong (his subordinate) would ask the Traveler to taste the Radish veggie soup, which they made using their formula.
  2. After a failed attempt to make a Radish veggie soup, Garcia and Lutong ask the players to make a delicious Radish veggie soup.
  3. Give the delicious Radish veggie soup to Garcia.
  4. After giving the delicious Radish veggie soup to Garcia and Lutong, they must go to the bottom of the Wangshu Inn where the quest started, and talk to them.
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It is to be noted that players can only submit delicious Radish veggie soup to Garcia. Suspicious and normal Radish veggie soup won’t come in the submission category.

Quest Completion Rewards

After completing the quest, players will be rewarded with the following items:

  • Primogems x 20
  • Adventurer’s Exp x 150
  • Mora x 30000

That’s all about the Garcia’s Paean World Quest!

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