Genshin Impact Gives First Official Look At The Chasm In-Game

The recent Genshin Impact Version 2.6 livestream gave fans an in-game look at the new Chasm area. The action role-playing game\’s next update will introduce a host of new content, but fans are perhaps most excited about exploring the brand-new earthen region. Concept art revealed Genshin Impact\’s Chasm back in February, and players can now get a glimpse at the in-game version of the exciting location.

New Genshin Impact content is frequently leaked before developer HoYoverse can officially announce it, and this certainly rings true for The Chasm. After concept art gave fans an early look at Liyue\’s vast rocky crevice, various pieces of information were unofficially revealed about the upcoming area. Genshin Impact\’s new region will reportedly be split into two distinct parts, with various landmarks located above-ground and mines apparently stretching more than 1,000 meters below sea level. This suggests that the earthen area will be a truly massive new region for gamers to explore, and leaked Genshin Impact achievements for The Chasm hint at new gameplay features like the Seelie Courts and Lumenstone Adjuvant.

In-game footage of The Chasm, revealed by Genshin Impact on Twitter and a Genshin Impact Version 2.6 trailer on YouTube, sees expansive mines and massive cliffs come to life. The Version 2.6 trailer teases the storyline players will follow down into The Chasm, which will involve the Abyss Order and a bizarre upside-down city in the underground mines. Adventurers will encounter powerful new foes as they venture deeper and deeper in the Chasm\’s tunnels, including a boss fight against an intimidating mechanical snake. The Twitter reveal of The Chasm, meanwhile, gives fans a more peaceful view of the new environment and its breathtaking vistas.

The Chasm is a unique and sizable new Genshin Impact region, but fans are already looking forward to the game\’s next nation. A new Genshin Impact 2.6 event teases Sumeru, which many gamers believe will be the next addition to the world of Teyvat. The ARPG\’s fantasy world is made up of seven nations, but only three of them are currently found in-game. Rumors suggest that the academic land of Sumeru will be the next nation added by HoYoverse, and Version 2.6\’s Spices From the West event is focused around a resident of this land. While it has not been officially announced, Genshin Impact fans expect Sumeru to be added in Version 3.0 over the summer.

Genshin Impact\’s unique world is constantly being expanded by HoYoverse, and Version 2.6 will bring a massive addition in the form of The Chasm. Complete with both above-ground settlements and vast underground mines, the rocky new location promises to hold a variety of challenges to face and discoveries to make. Explorers looking to journey into The Chasm can do so once Version 2.6 releases on March 30.

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