Genshin Impact Gives Out Free 10-Pull To Honor The Game Award Win

Genshin Impact developer miHoYo has announced that it will be giving away a free 10-pull to honor the game’s win at The Game Awards. Genshin Impact was one of many winners during the latest iteration of the annual awards event celebrating the year’s video games; miHoYo\’s title has taken home the prize for Best Mobile Game. EA’s and Hazelight Studios’ It Takes Two was the biggest winner of The Game Awards 2021, taking home Game of The Year, Best Multiplayer Game, and Best Family Game.

Apart from the awards, the event also played host to a slew of surprising video game announcements. From sequels to unexpected new titles, there was a lot for people to get excited for apart from the night’s winners. One of the most surprising reveals of the night was Quantic Dream\’s Star Wars Eclipse. It will be the first Star Wars game from the Heavy Rain and Detroit: Become Human developer and it will be set in the High Republic era, which has become one of the current focuses of the franchise.

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The Genshin Impact Twitter account announced that it will be giving away 1,600 Primogems, which is enough for one 10-pull, in celebration of the title winning the Best Mobile Game award at this year’s The Game Awards. The Primogems will be distributed via in-game mail in parts from December 11 to 14, 2021, which will mean 400 Primogems per day. However, players will have to have reached at least Adventure Rank 7 to receive the free Primogems, and they must be claimed before the end of the current 2.3 update.

Genshin Impact was also nominated in last year’s The Game Awards despite being released just a few months prior. While it was included in both the Best Mobile Game and Best Role Playing Game categories, Genshin Impact failed to win in either. Instead, Among Us and Final Fantasy VII Remake took home the respective awards and joined the other winners of The Game Awards 2020. Fortunately, Genshin Impact was finally able to grab a victory this year, beating out Fantasian, League of Legends: Wild Rift, Marvel Future Revolution, and Pokémon Unite.

While a single 10-pull may not seem to be a lot for the unfamiliar, long-time players of Genshin Impact know how rare it is for miHoYo to give out so many Primogems for free in a single go. Even Genshin Impact’s anniversary gifts were deemed lackluster by fans, and the ensuing backlash prompted the company to give out a bit more. Hopefully the company\’s generosity in the wake of its Game Awards victory will redeem it in the eyes of Genshin Impact fans.

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