Genshin Impact "Go Go, Forest Rangers" Web Event Guide

Genshin Impact has added a new character, Tighnari, who is now available in the latest web event “Go Go, Forest Rangers”. In this web event, players will need to help Tighnari patrol the forest. Tighnari is a young Forest Ranger who joins the game’s protagonist, the Traveler, on their journey. This event will last for six days from the 19th of August, 2022 to August 24th, 2022 and players who would complete all the tasks will be rewarded with unique rewards. To participate in the event, players must have an Adventurer Rank of 10 or above. If players are looking for a challenge, they must be sure to check out “Go Go, Forest Rangers!” and see if they can help Tighnari to protect the forest.

Genshin Impact “Go Go, Forest Rangers” Web Event: Overview

The event is simple. Forest rangers will be leading the way through the three different zones of the forest, and it’s up to the player to find the anomalies. In-game rewards would await for those who can find all the discrepancies.

To do this, players must use the Forest patrol logs for reference. They contain pictures of past forest zones which they can compare to the current scene. If players can see anything out of place, they must make sure to document it! Once they have completed all the patrols, they can get all their rewards.

Forest Zone 1 Anomalies

Image via HoYoverse

Forest Zone 1 includes three differences. These include the scorched mushroom, the withered flower, and a missing flower.

Forest Zone 2 Anomalies

Image via HoYoverse

Forest Zone 2 includes four differences. These include the missing vine, splitting vines, withered plants and the bush.

Forest Zone 3 Anomalies

Image via HoYoverse

Forest Zone 3 includes five differences. These include the missing dusk bird, withered plants, missing branch, withered flowers and the missing flower.

Genshin Impact Go Go, Forest Rangers web event: Rewards

After completing the event, players can get their hands on these rewards:

  • Primogems x40
  • HeroHero’s Wit x3
  • Mora IconMora x20,000
  • Mystic Enhancement Ore x2

New Event Rewards

Players should get ready to explore the mysteries of the forest, Travelers! During this event, players can also share their most harrowing tales of daring-do and bravery as they battle it out against fearsome foes, and players could be in with a chance of winning an Azhdaha Hangable Mini Plushie!

To take part, one must post screenshots of the anomalies encountered in the forest, under the topic #Forest Rangers on the event post. The list of winners will be updated on the 1st of September, 2022. Therefore, one must make sure to check back then to see if they have been successful.

Final Thoughts

Players must not miss the chance to participate in the Go Go Forest Rangers event. The rewards are definitely worth it, and players will get to help out Tighnari on her journey. They must be sure to log in and select their character soon. Their rewards can then be sent and claimed correctly.

As soon as they complete the patrol missions, players will receive the in-game rewards by mail. The mail will expire after 30 days. Therefore, one must not forget to claim the rewards in time. So, one must put on the explorer’s hat and join this exciting event.

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