Genshin Impact: Golden Wolflord Boss Guide (Tips & Strategies)

Golden Wolflord is a boss in Genshin Impact that players can defeat easily with the right strategy and one or more Geo characters. There are two phases to the battle, and the second one will grant Golden Wolflord a shield that must be depleted before players can deal additional damage to the boss. Golden Wolflord has some quick, close-range attacks that players need to watch out for.

Golden Wolflord is a boss that was introduced with the 2.3 update for Genshin Impact, and it is the leader of the Rifthounds on Tsurumi Island. Players will need to complete the \”Seirai Stormchasers\” questline to be able to start \”Through the Mists\” and access the island where this boss is found. Golden Wolflord is a field boss that players can find while they\’re roaming around Tsurumi.

As soon as Golden Wolflord appears, players can start attacking using a Geo character to do the most damage. Players should use characters like Ningguang, Barbara, or Noelle to quickly win the fight. Geo characters that can destroy Rifthound skills and use healing abilities will help players defeat Golden Wolflord easily and obtain the Topaz or other items the boss drops depending on the player\’s rank in Genshin Impact.

Defeating Golden Wolflord in Genshin Impact

During phase one, Golden Wolflord can use five different attacks. The boss has a golden beam that can be dodged or blocked by Ningguang in Genshin Impact. Golden Wolflord will move slow while using the beam, so players can move out of the way and dash at it to land a few hits. The boss can also use tornado and tail spin attacks that players can avoid by dashing around the arena. The tornado can also be avoided by standing just outside the arena, but players should be careful not to go too far or the boss will despawn.

Genshin Impact players will also need to watch out for Golden Wolflord\’s homing skulls and its dash attack during phase one. There will always be three skulls to dodge when Golden Wolflord uses its homing attack, and the dash will happen a few times as well. Since the boss floats just out of range for most melee attacks, players may need to use long range strikes or wait for Golden Wolflord to come down during or after its attacks. Once players get Golden Wolflord\’s health slightly below half, phase two will start. The boss will gain a shield and use a slam attack the covers most of the arena. Players just need to be outside of the golden rings to avoid the slam attack.

The wolf heads floating around Golden Wolflord will glow blue and separate to different parts of the arena during phase two. Players will need to defeat the three heads in order to drop Golden Wolflord\’s shield and continue draining its health. Once the shield is down, players can continue the fight while avoiding the same attacks Golden Wolflord used in phase one. Players can defeat Golden Wolflord for a few rewards that will depend on the player\’s level in Genshin Impact.

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