Genshin Impact: Gorou Hangout Guide (Unlocks, Endings, & Rewards)

The second half of Genshin Impact\’s 2.3 Version update has come with the release of Gorou\’s hangout events. While players have had the chance to meet the canine warrior in the main story, players can now learn more about his personality on exciting adventures in his new hangout activity.

To play Gorou\’s hangout event, players will need to be at least Adventure Rank 30 and spend 2 Story Keys to unlock it. Story Keys can be obtained by doing daily commissions, and players can replay Gorou\’s hangout event as many times as they\’d like after unlocking it if they want to get all the endings.

Gorou\’s hangout event has five possible endings the player can reach and three different achievements they can earn. Players will have to select the correct dialogue options and do the right actions to achieve certain endings. This can be tricky to figure out alone, so here are all the dialogue options players need to select to reach every one of Gorou\’s hangout event endings.

Reaching Every Ending of Gorou\’s Hangout Event in Genshin Impact

Here are all the important choices for each one of Gorou\’s hangout events and which ones lead to rewards:

Desserts Are the Best!

Tell Gorou you\’ll help him overcome his weakness.Tell Gorou you\’ll act like a personality he doesn\’t deal well with

Tactical Retreat

Tell Gorou you\’ll help him overcome his weaknessChoose theoretical study

That\’s, Uh…

Tell Gorou to ignore YaeSay that Yae\’s not all badTell Gorou that you\’ll keep watch

The Smiling Send-Off

Tell Gorou to ignore YaeSay that Yae\’s not all badSay you want to keep him company

Final Remembrance

Tell Gorou to ignore YaeTell Gorou to avoid Yae publishing houseSpeak with Katheryne

Players can also earn three achievements by doing Gorou\’s hangout event.

To Tell or Not to Tell, That is The Question – Reach the \”That\’s, Uh…\” ending.General of Watatsumi – Reach every one of Gorou\’s hangout event endingsChanging Times – Draw all the Fortune Slips at the Grand Narukami Shrine in the \”Tactical Retreat\” ending branch

This guide should serve as a relatively spoiler-free guide for players looking to complete every one of Gorou\’s hangout event endings. Completing each ending will grant the player either Primogems, Adventure Books, Gemstones, or other useful awards. Plus, if players find themselves getting attached to Gorou when hanging out with him, they can pull for him on Arataki Itto\’s banner running for the rest of Version 2.3.

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