Genshin Impact Guide: All Star-Shaped Gems locations

In Genshin Impact, Star-Shaped Gems are items that are necessary for the Tsurumi Island puzzle. In this guide, you will learn the locations and how to find the 3 Star-Shaped Gems across Tsurumi Island in Genshin Impact. You can discover one Luxurious Chest, along with the achievement “A Tale of Two Cities”.


One needs to have the Peculiar Pinion gadget from the Octave of Maushiro World Quest, as well as have the Particularly Particular Author Quest completed. This will unlock the quest area. 

Genshin Impact Star-Shaped Gems: Locations

The Star-Shaped Gems are all found in the area below Shirikoro Peak and Chirai Shrine. Teleport to the Shirikoro Peak teleport waypoint and head north until you find an underground ruin. You will have to jump down the cliff and glide as necessary. Once you land, move forward towards the star-shaped marker on your map. 

Shirikoro Peak
Wall with bird pattern

After sprinting for a while, you will come across a stone gate beyond which lies a room filled with murals. The Stone Gate will be sealed if you haven’t completed the Particularly Particular Author quest already. This room consists of pictures on murals that can be lit up using the star-shaped gems – if you wish you can skip visiting this room for now.

If you did enter the room, head out through the stone gate and head northwest until you see a wall with a bird pattern. Use the Peculiar Pinion gadget in front of the wall. Upon activation, the wall will disappear and create an entrance to a hidden room. Make sure your health is up because there is an enemy waiting inside! You can choose to fight or ignore it and then open the Exquisite Chest containing a Star-Shaped gem. 

There is another similar wall in the same main room where you can find the second star-shaped gem inside an Exquisite chest. Once you have the 2 gems, head towards the large opening where you will find stairs to climb down. You will discover an alley once the last wall is unlocked to which you have to turn right – or westwards until you find an area with Electro structures.

Genshin Impact Star-Shaped Gems Location
Electro structures

In that area, look for a cavity in the ceiling and climb the nearest wall until you discover a hidden platform. The platform consists of a single Exquisite Chest containing the last star-shaped gem.

Once you have all 3 star-shaped gems, return to that room with all the murals you’ve visited at the start of this quest. You will have to activate all 3 murals in that room using your star-shaped gems which will initiate the next part of this puzzle. Upon activation of the murals, 3 seelies will appear and all escape the room in different directions. You will have to follow each of them and see where they lead to.


If you remove one more wall in this area, you will unlock the achievement of A Tale of Two Cities. The last wall can be found in the opposite direction to the mural room in an underground chamber where you have to jump and fly down. Besides unlocking the achievement, an Electroculus can be found there as well. 

Finding the Seelies

  1. You will have to teleport to Moshiri Ceremonial Site Waypoint and then head northeast to track down one of the seelies. The seelie will be at a high point so you have to keep sprinting northeast and climb a tiny hill to send the seelie to the next destination. Keep following the seelie until the seelie reaches its final destination.
  2. Next, teleport to the Shirikoro Peak Waypoint and glide east and land down where the seelie is. This seelie will require you to glide a lot, so you can keep stamina buffing food for ease. Similar to the previous seelie, follow this one as well until it reaches its destination.
  3. Finally, teleport again to Moshiri Ceremonial Site Waypoint and head southwest to find an Electrogranum. Use it to summon an Electrogranum and fly up the hill to find another Electrogranum. Use that too and fly even higher then look around to find the final seelie. Once you find the seelie, follow it like the others until it reaches its destination to unlock one Luxurious Chest.

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