Genshin Impact Has A Major Artifact Grind Problem

Building a good Artifact set in Genshin Impact is an endless struggle that is difficult for any player regardless of Adventure Rank; however, it\’s a necessary process, as Artifacts are essential to character builds. Many consider the Artifact grind in Genshin Impact to be far too difficult at best, and at worst, in need of serious changes implemented to ease the grind on players. Simple quality-of-life improvements to game mechanics surrounding Artifact domains or changes to the RNG system have been considered by players as possible fixes to an otherwise unnecessarily unforgiving aspect of the game.

Within the game there are currently thirty-three different Artifact sets that each contain five Artifacts, with even more Genshin Impact Artifact sets to be released in the near future. Each playable character can equip five Artifacts that can increase stats such as ATK, HP, Crit Rate, Crit DMG, and more depending on how the player wants to develop a specific character. While each Artifact has its own individual sub-stats, equipping Artifacts from the same set offers additional stat upgrades for equipping two-piece or four-piece sets.

Unfortunately for players, the process of grinding for specific Artifacts sets in Genshin Impact costs Resin and, for the majority, is based entirely upon a strict RNG system. The RNG system determines which Artifacts a player can obtain from a specific domain, what sub-stats those Artifacts will have, and which sub-stats will be upgraded after leveling the Artifact up. Concerns surrounding the problems with Genshin Impact\’s RNG system have been discussed by players for some time. However, the problem with Artifact grinding is not solely based upon the RNG system. Artifact domains have a high Resin cost to receive rewards, the ways in which players can earn Artifacts in the game are limited, the amount of material needed to level up a single Artifact is high, and the game offers limited options in terms of salvaging an Artifact whose sub-stats rolled poorly when upgrading.

How Genshin Impact Can Fix Its Artifact Grind Problem

HoYoverse, the game\’s developer, has attempted to address the problem previously by increasing the daily Resin cap and introducing the Artifact Strongbox; however, Genshin Impact\’s Artifact Strongbox is limited and in need of more improvements. In addition to improving the Artifact Strongbox, the daily Resin cap could be increased again to accommodate for the substantial increase in the number of domains and Artifact sets.

Rather than offering two different Artifact sets for each Domain every day, the type of set offered could switch out daily so that players are at least guaranteed to receive the right set type, with both sets being offered on Sunday similar to how other domains function. An in-game mechanic that allows players to reset and reroll sub-stats on an Artifact would also help to diminish the problem of spending lots of resources on a specific Artifact, only for poor sub-stat rolls to ruin an otherwise promising set-piece for a character build.

With the scope of the game increasing with each new update, many players have become more critical of tiresome aspects of in-game mechanics such as Artifact grinding. Older players are especially critical, with many noting how lacking Genshin Impact\’s Adventure Rank 60 rewards are. In the meantime, players should keep an eye out for surveys and other opportunities to provide the developers with feedback, in the hope that new changes will be made in future updates to Genshin Impact.

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