Genshin Impact: Hidden Strife Event Guide

As the lands of Sumeru and Patch 3.0 loom over the horizon for players of Genshin Impact, players looking to earn primogems have a new limited source of this currency through the Hidden Strife event. Hidden Strife tasks players with defeating seven different groups, with each challenge offering a different modifier changing around the experience. In order to participate in this event, players must be at least Adventure Rank 25 and have completed both the Archon Quest \”Prologue: Act III – Song of the Dragon and Freedom\” and Diluc\’s Story Quest \”Noctua Chapter: Act I – Darknight Hero\’s Alibi.\”

Hidden Strife will end on August 15th at 4:00 am (server time)giving players plenty of time to complete the seven challenges. These challenges are time-gated from the release of the event, with a new challenge unlocking each day within the event\’s first week. Players just looking to earn the primogems available from this event will only need to complete the Perilous difficulty, but more difficult versions of the challenge can yield other rewards like Weapon Ascension and Character Experience Materials.
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To unlock these challenges, players must first complete a small introductory quest named \”Hidden Strife.\” When players first log into Genshin Impact during the active period of this event, or satisfy the requirements for the event, Paimon will tell the traveler about the grape juice from Diluc\’s winery, suggesting the player travel there. Upon reaching the Winery, the player will agree to find and help Diluc, which will send them to the Falcon Coast in Mondstadt. On this beach, players will have a brief fight playing as Diluc in his new 5-star skin, followed by the ability to access all currently available challenges from the red ley line.

How to Beat the Challenges in Genshin Impact\’s Hidden Strife Event

Genshin Impact Hidden Strife Ley Line Difficulties

Players just looking to complete the seven challenges on Perilous Difficulty to earn primogems will likely not have trouble brute-forcing these encounters. If the player is looking to earn all of the other rewards from the event, then these challenges require a little extra care with regards to party composition than regular ley lines in Genshin Impact. The key to successful completion of the higher difficulties is tailoring the party to both the enemies and Ley Line Residue of the challenge.
For example, Fearsome Judgement contains a passive effect that increases the damage dealt by Elemental Bursts. This means that players will get great use out of characters that deal a lot of damage through their Elemental bursts, like Xiangling. In addition, since the player will be taking on a Ruin Hunter, players may also want to consider bringing one of Genshin Impact\’s many archers to shoot the Ruin Hunter back to the ground if it decides to enter its Aerial Mode. With proper consideration for both the Ley Line Residue and the included enemies, players will be able to make short work of all seven challenges in the new Hidden Strife event.

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