Genshin Impact Holiday Gift Guide 2021

Genshin Impact is full of adorable creatures and stylish characters making it the perfect game for merchandise. Players collect characters and weapons as they explore the world of Teyvat, a beautiful fantasy world that centers around seven different elements. Genshin Impact has such a strong fanbase, so there are sure to be those out there who would appreciate a Genshin themed gift. Though the official miHoYo website is only available to those in China, there are a few sites that sell licensed merch for the rest of the world.

A key part of playing Genshin Impact is team customization. The game allows players to construct their team with up to four characters, and characters can be swapped out for different battles and storylines. Characters are unlocked by completing certain quests, or by winning them in the game\’s gacha Wish system. Some players choose characters for battle optimization, while others choose their team based on the character\’s look or story. Choosing merchandise based on a specific Genshin Impact character can be a good route to go because many fans are attached to certain characters. There are also plenty of loveable companion characters to fall for, as the game\’s anime-style art makes for lots of cute creatures.

Genshin Impact is a popular game, with tons of products out there to choose from, so much so that it can be overwhelming deciding what the best item would be. There are a few sites that sell officially licensed items, but there are even more fan-created products. Though miHoYo has said it doesn\’t mind if fans create Genshin-themed products, it can still be more comforting to buy directly from the company. But as with many games and shows, most of the merch begins to look redundant. After all, a person can only use so many keychains. Luckily, there are some great Genshin Impact-themed products out there that are sure to stand out. Here is a list of some of the coolest options available right now.

Genshin Impact Happy Holidays Sweater

Happy Holidays Genshin Impact Ugly Christmas Sweater

What would the holidays be without a classic \”ugly\” Christmas sweater? This cozy pullover features elemental symbols that are a key part of the game, as well as the title logo. Each character is assigned an element in Genshin Impact that represents their magical abilities. Players can construct a team that is balanced around these elements or go all-in on just a single one. This Genshin sweater is an online exclusive and is constructed from high-quality polyester.

Genshin Impact Keqing Theme Mechanical Keyboard

Possibly one of the coolest gifts that a fan could receive, this mechanical keyboard is themed after one of the Electro-characters in Genshin Impact. Keqing is unlockable via the Wish system, which is Genshin\’s gacha mechanic. This keyboard can be ordered with one of three different types of switches and uses USB-C to connect.

It is manufactured directly from miHoYo, the developer of Genshin Impact, and comes with extra keycaps for optimal customization. Though it\’s technically a pre-order, the release date was set for August, so shipping should be coming soon. However, those looking to get it in time for the Holiday 2021 season may be disappointed.

Genshin Impact Airpods Pro Case

This adorable Airpod case comes with two different options for character designs. One is Guoba, who is a cute bear with firey powers. He assists Xiangling in battle in Genshin Impact and is her friend and companion. The other option is Dodoco, a stuffed animal carried by Klee, that is styled after a white rabbit. These two cuties are a great example of one of the reasons so many fans have fallen for Genshin Impact. This gift is the perfect companion for the mobile Genshin Impact player out there so that their Airpods case will be safe while playing.

Genshin Impact Klee Cute Backpack

Genshin Impact Klee Cute Backpack Loli Bag Cosplay

The Genshin Impact store has a good selection of cosplay items, but buying clothes for other people is hard enough as it is, without adding the costume aspect to it. Luckily, backpacks are one-size-fits-all. This classy PU leather bag is styled after the one that Klee wears and is emblazoned with the in-game fire symbol. It comes with a plush Dodoco keychain to match Klee\’s, and a subtle loop for hanging storage. It\’s the perfect size for a laptop, making it a great option for an on-the-go gamer.

Genshin Impact Cute 3D LED Lamps

Cute Paimon Genshin Impact Figure 3D Lamp Led RGB Night Lights

A lamp is a fun, different way to display a favorite Genshin Impact character. This cool LED lamp can display Paimon in 7 different colors and has the option for one of two different bases. These lamps come in several Genshin Impact character variations, like Barbara, Venti, or Zhong Li, as well as an official logo variation. The base options are either a sleek black or a cracked-looking lava lamp style. This is the perfect addition to any gaming setup and can bring color to a room.

Genshin Impact Hilichurls Slippers

One of the first monsters that players battle when starting a Genshin Impact game is Hilichurls. These are goblin-like creatures that live around Teyvat. They come in a few different shapes and sizes.

Hilichurls are always seen wearing a mask, and this pair of fuzzy slippers depicts the head of a Hilichurl. Complete with floppy ears on one side, and a chibi version on the other, these soft slippers are sure to put anyone in a cozy mood. They\’re perfect for the wintry holiday season this year.

Genshin Impact Slime Plushies

Hot 7 Styles Genshin Impact Slimes Plush Pillow

Another main enemy in Genshin Impact are slimes. There are several different species of slime found around Teyvat, and the player must learn how to battle all of them. With one for each element found throughout the world, these cute round creatures will lurk in specific biomes depending on their governing element. Players can use different combinations of elements in Genshin Impact to counteract whichever power the slime has. These Genshin Impact Slime Pillows come in all 7 elements and are the perfect size for cuddling or sleeping.

Genshin Impact Ming Xiao Themed Polyester Blanket

It\’s more fun to give a gift that someone can use, rather than something that will just take up space. This Genshin Impact blanket is the perfect addition to a gaming space, either thrown over a computer chair or displayed on a comfy couch. The blanket depicts several Genshin Impact characters in adorable chibi form, all in a holiday-themed backdrop. It\’s made from a softy and cozy polyester, and its frame is 31 x 47 inches.

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