Genshin Impact: How Much Mora It Costs To Get To Lvl 90

Genshin Impact has dozens of playable characters that can be leveled up to a maximum character level of 90, a task that requires millions of Mora per character. Fortunately, Mora in Genshin Impact can be collected in a myriad of ways, with many different methods of farming Mora. In addition to Mora, ascending characters in Genshin Impact requires the character\’s ascension materials, which are often difficult to procure. When compared to fighting Bosses to collect ascension materials, collecting the Mora required to level up characters seems like an easy task. However, the amount of Mora needed to get a character to level 90 in Genshin Impact is substantial.

Although Genshin Impact is a free-to-play game, like many free games it thrives on microtransactions. While players can enjoy Genshin Impact without spending money, the game reported record-breaking profits, with the most successful first year of any video game in history. In its first year, Genshin Impact\’s estimated revenue was close to $3.7 billion, with player spending on the mobile version of the game surpassing $1 billion in the first six months. Players can purchase bundles that include Mora; however, there are many alternative free ways to obtain the resource.

Thanks to avid Genshin Impact fans, the exact amount of Mora needed to max out a character is widely known. To level up a single character to level 90 it costs 1,673,400 Mora. This doesn\’t include ascension, which costs an additional 420,000 Mora. In total, each Genshin Impact character will require over two million Mora to reach level 90. This doesn\’t include the Mora required to level up Talents, one of the most Mora-consuming tasks of all, requiring an additional 1.6 million Mora per level 10 Talent.

Genshin Impact: Leveling Up Characters Costs Millions Of Mora

There\’s a general consensus within the Genshin Impact community that leveling up a character to level 80 is sufficient, as the resources needed to get from 80 to 90 are astounding, and the payoff isn\’t worth the cost. Ascending a character above level 80 will cost players 120,000 Mora and leveling up from 80 to 90 will cost an astonishing 684,800 Mora. If Genshin Impact players opt to level up their characters to level 80 and no higher, they\’ll need just under one million Mora per character. Players can still ascend their character to the top tier if they like, without leveling up any further, or they can opt to save the 120,000 Mora and required ascension materials.

Leveling up and ascending characters in Genshin Impact is a costly process, requiring millions of Mora and huge amounts of resources, some of which are especially hard to come by. Genshin Impact players can save close to one million Mora per character by capping them at level 80 and not ascending them further. If players choose to level up their characters to the maximum level of 90, they\’ll need to farm double the amount of Mora. Luckily, there are many free and easy ways to obtain Mora, like the Blossoms of Wealth scattered throughout Teyvat.

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