Genshin Impact: How The Cinnabar Spindle Compares To Other Swords

As usual with Genshin Impact updates, Version 2.3 has introduced a number of new weapons to the game – with more on the way. While new weapons are typically only received through the gacha Wish system, the Cinnabar Spindle in Genshin Impact can be obtained for free – a somewhat rare occurrence for new weapons – without having to use gacha mechanics. So, how does the new Cinnbar Spindle weapon in Genshin Impact compare to other swords already in the game?

Weapons in Genshin Impact have been a sort of mixed bag, oftentimes mixing in excellent (but hard to acquire) 5-star weapons with lackluster (but easier to obtain) 4-star ones. Players can get the Cinnabar Spindle, a new 4-star sword, through the \”Shadows Amidst Snowstorms\” event that\’s currently ongoing in Version 2.3. It may be enticing to players for a number of reasons – no gacha is required, it needs¬†Alkahest for refinement rather than duplicates, and it\’s a brand new sword.

In order to get the Cinnabar Spindle sword in Genshin Impact, players will first need to make the Puffy Snowman as a part of the \”Shadows Amidst Snowstorms\” event. Once the sword is acquired, players can get Alkahest for refinement through the Event Shop. As usual, the sword will be much better once it\’s completely Ascended, and the full cost of Ascension is 150,000 Mora (along with the necessary materials).

Best Genshin Impact Characters For The Cinnabar Spindle

As a 4-star weapon, the Cinnabar Spindle in Genshin Impact isn\’t terrible, per se, but it comes with a major quirk that may make many players choose not to use it. The Cinnabar Spindle\’s Spotless Heart boosts Elemental Skill DMG by 40% of Defense, and it can activate even outside the combat field. Paired with a sword wielder with high DEF stats and a good Elemental Skill, the Cinnabar Spindle can work great. Conveniently, this sword works best with a new Albedo build in Genshin Impact, and perhaps even works as an incentive to pull for the character during his Banner rerun.

Ultimately, just how good the Cinnabar Spindle is comes down to which character uses it. Unfortunately, other sword characters like Jean or the Traveler don\’t make good candidates for the Cinnabar Spindle because they lack Albedo\’s DEF scaling. At this time, that means the Cinnabar Spindle is really only great for Albedo – and even then, some players with 5-star swords may opt not to use it. So, while it makes a fun free reward in Genshin Impact, it\’s currently only really good if players are wanting to pair it up with Albedo.

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