Genshin Impact: How To Activate The Three Tower Controllers

The Three Realms Gateway event in Genshin Impact requires players to activate three-tower controls located in Enkanomiya. It\’s an event that joined the game as part of version 2.5 but will only be available for a limited time. Like many limited-time Genshin Impact events, it\’s great for players to unlock new characters and earn tons of free Primogems. However, with Enkanomiya being located in the depths of Inazuma, a lot is required before players can participate in this event.

It began on February 17th and will conclude on March 30th. It\’s important to mention that the player will need to be at least Adventure Rank 30 before they can participate. Not only that but clearing out \”Chapter II: Act I – The Immoveable God\” and the \”Eternal Euthymia\” quest is needed to reach Genshin Impact\’s Inazuma. Lastly, clearing out the Moon-Bathed Deep and The Still Water\’s Flow world quest will unlock Enkanomiya in general. One of the significant objectives of this event is to search around the darkness for a way to light the three towers. Since Enkanomiya is so deep underground, it has its own light source that alters how the world will appear.

Each tower will need an offering before it can be activated. These items are Husk Gems, Tokoyo Legumes, and Aphotium Ores. Fortunately, all of these can be found within Enkanomiya, saving the player a few fast-travel trips. Although, each tower will request a different amount. It\’s important to collect as many of these as possible as the player stumbles across them. These are the requirements for each tower offering.

Lighting The Three Towers in Genshin Impact

Three Realms Gateway Offering: Part I: 10 Husk Gems, five Tokoyo Legumes, and five Aphotium Ore.Three Realms Gateway Offering: Part II: 10 Husk Gems, eight Tokoyo Legumes, and eight Aphotium Ores.Three Realms Gateway Offering: Part III: 10 Husk Gems, 12 Tokoyo Legumes, and 12 Aphotiume Ores.

After defeating a few Shadowy Husks, Husk Gems can be found on Yachimatahiko\’s Locus Island. Toyoko Legumes require the player to use Genshin Impact\’s Bokosuo box to detect their location on the map, and they also do not respawn. Lastly, Aphotiume Ores can be found by messing with various nodes in Enkanomiya. The Bokuso Box is also needed to shatter the node open. Finding and¬†defeating Shadowy Husks in Genshin Impact is possibly the most difficult out of all of these. They can be dangerous, so make sure to prepare with a healer beforehand. After submitting the offering, the player will need to solve a light puzzle.

The Three Tower Puzzle in Genshin Impact

To complete the first Tower, follow the instructions below:

Tower controller 1: Rotate twiceTower controller 2: Rotate twiceTower controller 3: Rotate once

To complete the second Tower, follow the instructions below:

Tower controller 1: Rotate three timesTower controller 2: Rotate two timesTower controller 3: Rotate one time

To complete the third and final Tower, follow the instructions below:

Tower controller 1: Rotate OnceTower controller 2: Rotate OnceTower controller 3: Rotate Once

Completing the entire puzzle for the \’Three Realms Gateway Offering,\’ event will result in players receiving Priomgens in Genshin Impact.

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