Genshin Impact: How To Beat Collections Of Dragons & Snakes Quest

The “Collection of Dragons and Snakes” quest in Genshin Impact is a little different from other quests in the game and may give players a bit of trouble. The five lost books that need to be found to complete the game are not marked on the map the same way the hints for other quests are.

The rewards for the quest are a special key sigil, a Seelie, and the five lost books added to the archive collection. But there are a few steps Genshin Impact players must follow in order to complete this quest.

The first thing is players will need to start the quest, this occurs when players find the quest NPC, Ema, in Enkanomiya. Like with some other quest NPCs, Ema can only be found in Evernight, so Genshin Impact players will need to use one of the many mechanics available to swap to it. Once that is finished, players can find Ema in the Narrows, where Enjou was in the ruins originally.

All Collection of Dragons and Snakes Lost Books in Genshin Impact

Serpent and Drakes of Tokoyokoku

This book is by far the easiest to find in Genshin Impact. Players can buy it directly from Yae Publishing House in Inazuma City.

Hydrological Studies in Byakyyakoku

Players must complete a puzzle to get this book in Genshin Impact, as well as complete the world quest “Date’s Challenge”. Once both of these are complete, players will be able to open a chest with the book inside located in the top right of the Evernight Temple.

In the Light, Beneath the Shadow

In Dainichi Mikoshi, there is a breakable wall behind which is a series of puzzles. There’s a ruin guard before the wall and some pyro barrels around it. Players need only blow up the barrels to open the wall and reveal the puzzles. Once the puzzle is solved, players will be able to collect the next book.

Before Sun and Moon

To get this book, players will need to complete the world quest “Antigonus” which begins with an NPC in Dainichi Mikoshi. The quest is relatively straightforward (at least, compared to others), and guides players to precisely where they need to go. There are no puzzles necessary to complete this quest, but players will need to fight a Ruin Guard. At the end of the quest, the next book will become available.

Bathysmal Vishap Experimental Records

On the invisible island, there is a short quest called “Tricolor File” that players will need to complete to gain the final book. Players should take the phase gate to get to the right area and the NPC that starts the quest will show up on the forward path. Players won’t have to fight any other Genshin Impact vishaps as the quest’s item is in the cyro-gated cage. The electro-gated cage holds a key sigil though, so players will likely want that too. Once this quest is complete, the final book will become available.

Genshin Impact clearly has its fair share of quests and puzzles for players to peruse and explore. While some a very straightforward and require little thought or effort from the player, the same cannot be said about the Collection of Dragons and Snakes” quest.

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