Genshin Impact: How To Beat The Lotus Eater World Quest

In Genshin Impact, players will face the Lotus Eater world quest as they explore the watery region of  Enkanomiya. Once players complete the Heart of Ouroboros subquest in The Subterranean Trials of Drake and Serpent world questline, they will gain access to the Lotus Eater quest. Additionally, players will need to reach at least Adventure Level 30 and complete several in-game quests before they can unlock Enkanomiya in Genshin Impact.

To begin the \”Lotus Eater\” quest in Genshin Impact, players should ensure Enkanomiya is in Evernight and proceed to the cave under the Serpent\’s Heart, which can be reached from the side of the cliff by the Teleport Waypoint. Within the cave, players will spot a pile of boxes in front of a Time Trial Challenge and a Fishing Spot. Additionally, a Ruin Sentinel guards this area and will need to be defeated. Once the Ruin Sentinel is killed, players should interact with the wall to cause a Hidden Message to reveal itself. Players will notice the pattern on the wall is similar to the Altar aboveground. Players will then need to input the pattern in the Altar of the Serpent\’s Heart.

Once the Altar has been activated to solve the puzzle in Genshin Impact, players will encounter a shade who has forgotten his name, although a nearby gravestone reveals he is Supada no Hiko or Spartacus. Once players remind the shade of his forgotten name, he will task them with discovering where the children are hidden. The shade will also provide the player with a password phrase to be used later. Before leaving this area, players should ensure Enkanomiya is in Whitenight.

Genshin impact: Lotus Eater World Quest How to Find the Dragonbone Orb

Players should then travel to the area under the cliff to discover three Triangular Mechanisms connected to hanging lanterns. Players should hit the leftmost mechanism twice, the middle mechanism twice, and the rightmost mechanism once to adjust the lanterns to the correct position. Players will know when the lanterns are in place because a doorway will appear. Before going through it, players should switch back to Evernight in Genshin Impact.

Once players go through the door, they should head down to the lower level and follow the stairs up to a room with a shade, Adonis, and a Common chest. Players should interact with the shade and provide the password that Spartacus previously told them. From there, players should head to the Tokoyo Reisen by the Evernight Temple. Once inside, players will need to battle three Bolteater Bathysmal Vishaps to obtain the Waters of Lethe.

After the players have obtained the Waters of Lethe, they should return to the Serpent’s Bowels to find the enormous Dragonbone Flower, and use the item to water the plant. Once watered, players will need to wait for a full Daily Reset cycle, and the flower in Genshin Impact will bloom and condense. Once the cycle is complete, the Dragonbone Orb will be ready for players to harvest. Obtaining the Dragonbone Orb will complete the Lotus Eater quest. The orb can be sold to merchants for money and food items.

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