Genshin Impact: How To Break Enemy Shields (The Fast Way)

Breaking an enemy\’s shield in Genshin Impact will leave them wide open for attacks. While players are only able to carry four characters at a time, each one has its own elemental abilities. As players explore the world of Teyvat, they\’ll find situations where certain elements work better than others. Elements can work toward completing puzzles, freezing lakes, or giving a character a boost in the air. Enemies also have their own elemental system that players can counter with the proper combination.

There are two different factors that players should consider when attacking an enemy\’s shield. The first is the type of weapon the player is using. While every weapon in Genshin Impact does do damage toward shields, Claymores are the best option for breaking them. Holding down the attack button will cause the Claymore character to spin around and do tons of damage with each swing. Not only that, but they are extremely effective against Geo Shields. While the Geo element has no other elemental weakness, physical Claymore damage is more than enough to get the job done.

In order to break all the other shields in Genshin Impact, it\’s important to know what elements counter what. Each enemy will have their elemental type displayed near their name, making it easy to determine which character to send out. With six different elements to choose from, players will be alternating often. Selecting the correct counter will bring down the shield\’s HP much faster than hitting it with random attacks. These are the proper counters for each elemental shield.

The Best Shield Counters in Genshin Impact

The best elements to use for breaking shields in Genshin Impact are:

Cyro Shields: Use Pyro Attacks.Dendro: Use Pyro Attacks.Electro Shields: Use Cryo Attacks.Geo Shields: Use Geo Attacks. Players can also combine Electro with Pyro to create Overload, which works well as a Geo Shield counter.Pyro Shields: Use Hydro Attacks.Hydro Shields: Use either Electro or Cryo Attacks.

The best part about elemental counters is that it doesn\’t matter what the level of the character is. As long as they are using the proper elemental effects, they can still contribute tons of shield damage, regardless of how weak their stats might be. From experience, exploring the world with a Geo character is best since it helps with collecting materials. Genshin Impact has tons of ascension items that are needed to bring certain characters to the next level. Fortunately, breaking shields will make it easier to defeat enemies the player encounters.

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