Genshin Impact: How to Build Serenitea Pot Stairs

How to Build Serenitea Pot Stairs In Genshin Impact Mondstadt

Dedicated Genshin Impact players have identified a quick and easy way to build stairs within Genshin Impact\’s Serenitea Pot. Despite the endless customization and furnishing options available in Genshin Impact\’s Serenitea Pot, players have had to resort to using glitches and workarounds to build stairs, going to great lengths to do so. Hopefully, Genshin Impact will inevitably resolve this issue, adding functionality to make adding stairs to a Serenitea Pot build a breeze. Until then, players can use this simple guide to quickly add straight or curved stairs to their Serenitea Pot realm.
Genshin Impact\’s Serenitea Pot was released in Version 1.5, adding a housing system to Genshin Impact which allows players to access the Realm Within by entering the teapot. The realm contains an NPC called Tubby, through which players can access the teapot\’s numerous features. Once a week on Fridays, a second NPC by the name of Chubby will visit the player\’s realm in Genshin Impact to sell furnishings, with the salesman\’s offerings differing each week. After completing the \”Idle Teapot Talk\” World Quest, players will unlock the ability to invite playable characters that they own to enter the realm as Companions, earning Companionship EXP for the duration.

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Thanks to Genshin_Tengoku of JP Serenitea Pot Research Lab, and an English translation by Russell Victoria, Genshin Impact players now have a quick and easy way to add stairs to their Serenitea Pot build, without resorting to time-consuming, complicated methods. In the brief English translation video, Russell builds staircases in real-time to demonstrate how simple the new method of building stairs is, as well as how quick the entire process is. The only furnishing blueprints required in Genshin Impact to add staircases to a Serenitea Pot are floating rocks and the Foundations of Stones: Fortunate Times bricks.

How To Build A Staircase In Genshin Impact\’s Serenitea Pot The Easy Way

How to Build Serenitea Pot Stairs In Genshin Impact Floating Rocks

To build stairs in Genshin Impact\’s Serenitea Pot, players will need to complete the following steps in order:
Place two floating rocks next to one another, leaving a gap between them.Place one Foundations of Stones: Fortunate Times brick on top of each rock.In settings, turn on grid mode.On one rock, stack bricks. Each brick will become a step in the staircase. Make sure the stacked bricks are aligned perfectly.Turn off grid mode in Genshin Impact\’s furnishing mode.On the rock with only one brick, move the brick to the edge of the rock, so it hangs off the edge.Select the floating rock with only one brick and move it toward the other floating rock with the stacked brick pile until the bricks merge, forming a step.

From here, Genshin Impact players can move the floating rocks up and down to adjust the height of each step. Now that the staircase has its foundation, players need to do the following to complete the staircase:
Create a custom set and select every brick in the pile of stacked bricks, going from top to bottom. Don\’t click confirm.Move the selected group of bricks on top of the bottom brick, keeping all bricks aligned.Click cancel. The bricks will spread out evenly, forming a staircase in Genshin Impact\’s Serenitea Pot.
After following the above steps, Genshin Impact players will be left with one floating rock with a single step attached. The other floating rock will house a staircase, with each brick merged into the other, forming perfectly equidistant stairs. Players can keep the staircase on the floating rock or discard the rock altogether, as the staircase will be one single piece attached to nothing else. To create a spiral staircase, players simply need to rotate the entire group of stacked bricks before clicking cancel in the final step.

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