Genshin Impact: How to Change Whitenight & Evernight (Enkanomiya)

Enkanomiya is a new location with its own take on a day and night cycle in Genshin Impact. This place was originally known as the Land of the White Light, and it can be found deep underground in Inazuma, with its own set of puzzles to solve. Since this location is underground, there is no natural sunlight available. Instead, Enkanomiya uses Whitenight and Evernight to change the time of day. Changing the light will change a variety of different locations within Enkanomiya. Players will often need to alternate between them to clear out this dungeon.

For starters, players will need to unlock Enkanomiya first. It will be available once the player reaches Adventure Rank 30 or higher. Fortunately, there are many different ways to level up fast in Genshin Impact. After reaching 30, the player will need to complete the Archon Quest: \’Omnipresence Over Mortals\’ and the two World Quests, \’The Still Water\’s Flow\’ and \’The Moon-Bathed Deep.\’ Now, the pathway to Enkanomiya should be open.

To alternate between the Whitenight and Evernight, the player will need to unlock the special light mechanisms. They are scattered all over the region and are directly connected to the Dainichi Mikoshi Tower. The player will need to finish the \’Entrance to Tokoyo\” quest to unlock these. There are dozens of different mechanics around the map. Just interact with them to change the time. Doing this will unlock new areas in Enkanomiya.

How To Use Whitenight & Evernight in Genshin Impact

The \’Entrance to Yokoyo\’ quest was made available after Genshin Impact version 2.4 was released. For this challenge, players will instantly spawn inside Enkanomiya. There will be a teleport waypoint nearby to use for future warping. Follow the waypoint to go to the building up ahead. Upon arriving, search for nearby clues. There will be five places to scan. On the bright side, they are fairly near one another. These locations are marked with a bright yellow sigil. Just approach it and interact to collect them.

After finding them all, return to the teleport waypoint and activate the mechanism. The player will then be greeted with a short cutscene revealing a new path. Use the Key of Moon-Bathed Deep to open the door, and the quest will be completed. This quest acts as an induction to this new Genshin Impact location. Enkanomiya is full of hidden treasures to discover and weapons to collect. Players will need to use Whitelight and Evernight in Enkanomiya as frequently as possible to grab it all.

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