Genshin Impact: How To Claim Free Primogems From The Game Awards

After winning Best Mobile Game at The Game Awards 2021, Genshin Impact developer miHoYo is celebrating by giving every player 1,600 free Primogems to thank them for their support. With its gorgeous environment, fun gameplay, and tons of incredible characters for players to unlock, Genshin Impact has soared to the top of the mobile game charts in the last year with more than 140 million downloads and around 9 million players online each day. Genshin Impact is free to play, and with its availability on Android, iOS, PC, Playstation 4, and Playstation 5, it\’s accessible for players around the world.

Genshin Impact has received several nominations at The Game Awards since its release in 2020, including Best Mobile Game and Best Role Playing Game in 2020, only a few months after its release. This year, it beat Fantasian, League of Legends: Wild Rift, Pokémon Unite, and MARVEL Future Revolution for Best Mobile Game, and while it was also nominated for Best Ongoing Game, it lost to Final Fantasy XIV. miHoYo also revealed gameplay footage for new characters Gorou and Arataki Itto, who will be added to the 2.3 update roster on December 14.

While miHoYo frequently releases promotions and codes that players can redeem for free Primogems and other in-game items and currency, it\’s rare to see a gift of this size. For example, Genshin Impact codes typically grant players between 30 and 100 Primogems, which isn\’t quite enough for one wish. However, 1,600 Primogems can be exchanged for an entire 10-pull of wishes, making this a promotion that players won\’t want to miss out on.

Claiming Free Primogems From TGA in Genshin Impact

miHoYo announced that players will be able to claim their free Primogems via Genshin Impact\’s in-game mail system, which can be accessed through the game\’s main menu. Each day from December 11 until December 14, players will find 400 Primogems in their inbox, which they can either use each day on single wishes or save to pull 10 at once. However, players don\’t have to worry about claiming them right away, as the Primogems will stay in the inbox until the end of the 2.3 update.

While 2.4\’s release date hasn\’t been announced, it will likely be released early in 2022 based on the game\’s current update schedule. However, to get these Primogems, players must be Adventure Rank 7 or higher. Fortunately, Adventure Rank 7 is a low level and can be easily reached in the game\’s starting zone, so new players will be able to catch up quickly enough to get this gift before Genshin Impact 2.3 comes to an end.

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