Genshin Impact: How To Complete The Chasm Delvers Questline

Version 2.6 of Genshin Impact allows players to delve into a new region filled with mysteries and hidden treasure. “The Chasm Delvers” is a series of World Quests in The Chasm in Genshin Impact. This questline contains multiple parts and will aid players in the exploration of the region.

In order to begin this questline, players must be Adventure Rank 28 or higher and have completed the Archon Quest “A New Star Approaches.” The Chasm region is located West of Liyue, near Lisha. This questline contains six segments that must be completed in order to unlock the full map of The Chasm: The Underground Mines.

The Chasm consists of two levels: the surface and the Underground Mines. On the surface, players will be able to find puzzles such as Genshin Impact’s Unique Rocks. In the depths of the Underground Mines, players will find exclusive items, unique terrain, and new enemies such as the Ruin Serpent boss.

Genshin Impact’s The Chasm Delvers Part 1: The Chasm Charters

“The Chasm Charters” can be initiated by speaking to the NPC Lan or Xu. Lan can be found by the Adventurer’s Guild in Liyue, and Xu can be found in Liyue Harbor near the western-most Teleport Waypoint, by the lion statue. They will both prompt players to find the Ministry of Civil Affairs’ specialist, Muning. Muning can be found by following the main road between Lingju Pass and Qingxu Pool. After speaking to him, players can immediately begin the next part of the questline.

Genshin Impact’s The Chasm Delvers Part 2: Surreptitious Seven-Star Seal Sundering

\”Surreptitious Seven-Star Seal Sundering\” in Genshin Impact is the quest that unlocks the barrier created by the Liyue Qixing in order to block off the Underground Mines. The NPC Muning will direct players to find the adventurer Zhiqiong, who can be found in the north-most of The Chasm’s surface. She will ask players to visit the miners’ warehouse to retrieve a Lumenstone. Afterward, players will need to destroy a total of five Bedrock Keys.

The destruction of the first Bedrock Key is guided by Zhiqiong, Three of the remaining Bedrock Keys can be found via Zhiqiong’s map, and the last will be revealed once those have been destroyed. In order to destroy the Bedrock Keys, players must insert a Geogranum into the cage-shaped objects and then hit them from highest elevated to lowest. Each successful hit against the Bedrock Key will lower it until it collapses to the ground. When all of Genshin Impact’s Bedrock Keys have been destroyed, players will need to return to Muning and Zhiqiong. The seal guarding the Underground Mines will be broken.

Genshin Impact’s The Chasm Delvers Part 3: Chasm Spelunkers

This third part of “The Chasm Delvers” contains two additional segments: “First Miasmic Contact” and “Meeting New People… and Foiling Some Bandits.” When players have reached the Underground Mines of The Chasm, they will be prompted to investigate the Lumenspar. Afterward, players will need to find three clues to Uncle He’s whereabouts and report back to Jinwu – the Safety Technician of The Chasm. This will unlock the Ad-Hoc Main Tunnel and The Chasm: Main Mining Area on the map.

Players will then need to find Zhiqiong and complete her two commissions in any order. “Meeting New People… and Foiling Some Bandits” requires players to clear our two Treasure Hoarder camps to rescue the NPC Clitopho and discover a giant cannon along with its cannonballs. “First Miasmic Contact” introduces a glimpse of the newest playable character, Genshin Impact’s Hydro bow-user Yelan. Players will need to investigate two areas with Dark Mud and defeat a Pyro Abyss Mage and a Hydro Abyss Mage along the way. Afterward, players will need to return to the exploration team’s camp.

Genshin Impact’s The Chasm Delvers Part 4: The Heavenly Stone’s Debris

“The Heavenly Stone’s Debris” involves many steps. First, players will need to find two keys to the gunpowder storehouse. The first key can be found in a pot above a water-filtration device while the second key can be found in a barrel that materializes after digging. Players will be able to open the door to the gunpowder storehouse, which contains a cannonball that needs to be brought back to Zhiqiong.

Then, players will need to make three Special Unmoving Essential Oils using two Cor Lapis and two frogs each and give them to Clitopho. If players do not have enough Frogs, they can search in the best Frog farming locations in Genshin Impact. After assembling the cannonball, the map will reveal The Serpent’s Cave and Underground Waterway.

Next to the Teleport Waypoint in The Chasm: Main Mining Area, players will be able to find the locations of three lamps that must be activated and toggled to the correct settings. From closest to farthest, the configuration goes as follows: High Lamp Post, Low Frequency; Middle Lamp Post, Low Frequency; Low Lamp Post, High Frequency. After this is done correctly, players will need to load the great cannon with a cannonball. The canon will demolish the rock, revealing a new entrance as well as a portion on the map labeled Stony Halls.

In Stony Halls, players will need to activate three points of the mechanism. Players will need at least level 2 of the Lumenstone Adjuvant gadget in Genshin Impact in order to dispel the Oozing Concretions that control the Dark Mud covering the mechanism. Once these mechanisms have been activated, players will need to defeat the Abyss Herald: Wicked Torrents. Finishing this part of the quest will unlock access to the Nameless Ruins and The Glowing Narrows.

Genshin Impact’s The Chasm Delvers Part 5: Perils in the Dark

The fifth part of “The Chasm Delvers” requires players to take the path following the end of the previous quest. Players must examine the dark fog and look for the hidden logs. Completing this step will unlock the Nameless Ruins part of the map. The ruins contain two bells that must be rung. They are covered in Genshin Impact’s Dark Mud that must be dispelled and guarded by monsters that must be defeated. After both bells have been rung, approaching the dark fog will spawn an Abyss Lector: Fathomless Flames and an Abyss Lector: Violent Lightning. Defeating them will earn players the Curious Cube object.

Genshin Impact’s The Chasm Delvers Part 6: Wherefore Did the Spiritstone Descend?

The sixth and final part of “The Chasm Delvers” questline begins by speaking to Zhiqiong directly after part five. Zhiqiong will take the players back to the new camp of the exploration team. The Glowing Narrows section of the map will be revealed. At the place Zhiqiong mentions, players will need to open the gate and investigate the stone tablet within. Completion of this step will reveal the section of the map containing the nail-like crystal similar to the structure atop Genshin Impact’s Dragonspine region.

Players must then purify the large crystal in five locations. By using the Lumenstone Adjuvant gadget, players will be able to dispel the Dark Mud surrounding the crystals. A variety of monsters will spawn to guard each crystal. Once all five crystals have been purified and charged, players must strike the large nail-like crystal in the center.

Players will then need to defeat Haftvad the Worm, though the fight ends when it has a quarter of its HP left. Afterward, the Traveler must report back to Zhiqiong and then Muning to finish the quest. With “The Chasm Delvers” questline complete, Genshin Impact players will be free to roam the entirety of the Underground Mines without obstruction.

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