Genshin Impact: How To Complete The Saga Of Mr. Forgetful Quest

Genshin Impact 2.2 brings players to Tsurumi Island, where they finally encounter Roald the Adventurer after collecting several diaries that he has forgotten all over the world. As part of the \”Through the Mists\” quest chain, players help Roald and his associates uncover the mysteries of Tsurumi Island. However, Roald will return to offer players one more quest that will grant them plenty of rewards.

The player can find Roald again the day after they complete the “Octave of the Maushiro” quest. At this point, his quest, “The Saga of Mr. Forgetful,” will become available, giving players the chance to help this legendary adventurer with some important archaeological discoveries. Roald will ask the players to find ancient murals from the lost civilization of Tsurumi Island—and find him something to improve his memory.

Roald is located directly south of Tsurumi Island’s Statue of the Seven near the waverider waypoint. He’ll ask the player if they can collect ten Fluorescent Fungi for him while they’re adventuring in the area. The fungus can be found at the Moshiri Ceremonial Site and around the base of Mt. Kanna, which the player can get to by following the southwest road. Once the player gathers ten fungi and returns to Roald, he will ask about their Kamera and request another favor.

How To Find Roald In Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Mr Forgetful Quest Shirikoro Peak

During a previous expedition to Tsurumi Island, Roald encountered a series of murals inside the ruins of Genshin Impact\’s Shirikoro Peak that he could never forget. He’ll ask that the player take pictures of these murals to prove their existence, which he says will be a big breakthrough for the Adventurer’s Guild. The entrance to the ruins of Shirikoro Peak can be found directly behind the teleport waypoint at this location. The player must dive deep underground here in order to access the murals.

Through the spiderweb-covered passage to the northeast of the ruins, players will follow the cavern down into the ruins. On the far left of the central chamber, there’s a set of stairs leading down to a passageway with a large puddle of water. The first mural is on the ceiling in the room to the right with the lantern puzzle. Standing on the gold quest marker will allow the player to snap a picture, either in Photo Mode or with Genshin Impact\’s Kamera. Players don’t need to save the photos for them to count for the quest.

Genshin Impact Mr Forgetful Quest Roald

After returning to the central chamber, the player must go through the large circular door to find the remaining murals in this Genshin Impact quest. Following the stairs to the left will lead the player past a collapsed dome, revealing a room to the left with a mural. The dirt path around the other side of the dome leads to another room with the next mural. Continuing along this path will lead the player up a set of stairs to a third circular door, through which the last three murals can be found.

The player can quickly return to Roald by teleporting back to the waypoint near the Statue of the Seven. Once they speak with him, he will thank them for their efforts before dropping volume eleven of his diary as he rushes off. The player will claim the Wonders of the World achievement, “My Life as an Adventurer” for completing the quest, as well as 150 EXP, 20 Primogems, and 20,000 Mora. Players will also receive the “Replica Mural: Lone Peak in a Sea of Fog” and “Replica Mural: Ancient Ritual in a Sea of Fog” furniture blueprints for their efforts.

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