Genshin Impact: How To Complete Vibro-Crystals Connection Challenge

The second event of Genshin Impact\’s 2.6 patch is \”Vibro-Crystal Research.\” This event will take the player into the surface of the Chasm to meet up with and help Patrice, a researcher from Fontaine. The player\’s goal is to help Patrice conduct experiments with the Vibro-Crystals located in a Domain in the Chasm.

\”Vibro-Crystal Research\” takes the spot of the second event for Genshin Impact\’s 2.6 patch from the originally planned event, \”Spices from the West,\” due to the maintenance with the Serenitea Pot that is still underway. However, \”Spices from the West\” will return in a future update, so players can simply focus on getting the same amount of Primogems from \”Vibro-Crystal Research.\” The event should award the player with approximately 420 Primogems, as is per usual with Genshin Impact\’s in-game events.

To start the event, players will automatically receive the quest \”Vibro-Crystal Projections\” upon logging into the game during the event\’s duration. Players will simply need to talk to Katherine at the Adventurer\’s Guild in Liyue, and then will be redirected to Patrice who is located in the Chasm. After a brief amount of dialogue, players will be able to enter the special Domain that the event partakes in.

How To Complete The \”Harmonics Research Facility\” Domain In Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Harmonics Research Facility Domain

Similar to events in Genshin Impact\’s past, there are several different challenges that the player must complete in order to receive Primogems. The different challenges are time-gated, so players will not be able to complete all the challenges on the first day of the event. To begin, the player must select a challenge and difficulty (the higher the difficulty the more points) and create two separate teams to tackle the challenge. Players must also click the \”Harmonics\” button by each team and set up each Connection and Receiver effect for both teams.

The Connection (the blue circles) the player selects will change how the \”Transmission\” mechanic works inside the Domain – each effect listed on the left side of the screen on the \”Harmonics\” page. Once the player selects one of the Connections (blue), they must then select one of the Receivers (yellow circle) they want to pair with the Connection. The Reciever is the effect (like buffing a character\’s Elemental Burst damage) that will trigger after the player meets the requirement of the Connection they have paired it with. Once all three Connections are paired with a Reciever for each team, the player is good to go.

Once inside the Domain, the event plays somewhat similarly to the Spiral Abyss, though with key differences. With each team, players will have to defeat as many enemies as they can in the time limit, and will passively rack up points and level up the bar at the top of the screen, up to a maximum of 4 levels. Based on how many points the player received, they will receive a medal and rewards like free Primogems and Mora.

Players can repeat the Domain challenges as much as they desire to try and get higher scores and to experiment with the Connections and Receivers. Characters like Venti (who is a trial character for this event), Kazuha, and Sucrose help greatly with this event since there are so many small enemies and grouping them up with Anemo skills makes hi-scores much easier to obtain. The event does not last for too long – only two weeks as of April 21, 2022 – so players should try to get the event Primogems while they can in Genshin Impact.

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