Genshin Impact: How to Defeat Taroumaru In Clash of Lone Blades

Genshin Impact’s Irodori Festival brings a myriad of activities for players to enjoy. “Clash of Lone Blades” is one of Genshin Impact’s Version 2.6 events. This limited-time event involves one-on-one sword-fighting duels against opponents.

There are three levels of difficulty for players to choose from in the \”Clash of Lone Blades\” event in Genshin Impact: Serious, Dire, and Perilous. In order to unlock the Perilous difficulty, players must defeat their opponent in Dire mode in under 75 seconds. Players will duel opponents who have different sets of sword techniques and Honed Techniques. These Honed Techniques can be checked via the event menu.

In order to obtain all possible rewards, players will need to complete each challenge in Dire mode first, and then they must complete the challenge in Perilous mode. As Perilous mode requires players to defeat their opponent within the full 3-minute timeframe rather than 75 seconds, this should be easier for players to achieve if they have memorized their opponents’ fighting style. Since players will not be able to use Genshin Impact’s Elemental Bursts or Skills, it is crucial to utilize the parry mechanic in addition to normal attacks.

Genshin Impact: Taroumaru’s Honed Techniques and Parry Guide

The Shiba Inu owner of Komore Teahouse, Taroumaru, is the final opponent of the “Clash of Lone Blades” event in Genshin Impact. Taroumaru’s Honed Techniques allow him to block all attacks when he is not attacking. Taroumaru’s evasive maneuvers involve an explosive statue, sending three Electro attacks, and slamming his Electro-infused sword into the ground. These attacks will be highlighted by a growing radius. Players will need to avoid these attacks until Taroumaru returns to his normal sword stance.

The parry mechanic for this event is similar to Genshin Impact’s Electro-user Beidou, though there is less forgiveness when it comes to the timing of the parry. When Taroumaru is making his regular attacks, players will have at least two opportunities to perform parries. Taroumaru’s blade will glint brightly along with a sharp sound effect. Players can use this as a cue to perform their parry.

Players should also keep an eye on Taroumaru’s Fury meter. Once full, energy will be swirled around him, and he will perform a ramming attack that can be parried. If this attack is parried perfectly, Taroumaru will fall on his back and take increased DMG. Taroumaru’s ordinary techniques will glow white while Honed Techniques will glow blue. Perfectly parrying the Honed Techniques will grant players CRIT hits on their following attacks, ensuring victory. Genshin Impact’s “Clash of Lone Blades” event will be available until April 25, 2022.

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