Genshin Impact: How To Defeat The Ruin Destroyer

Genshin Impact\’s Automaton family of enemies has continued to grow throughout the game\’s many updates. One of the newest additions to this family is the Ruin Destroyer, a serpent-like machine enemy. The Ruin Destroyer in Genshin Impact can be annoying to defeat due to some of its mechanics, and players may be initially frustrated with it.

The Ruin Destroyer is part of the Ruin Sentinels enemy group that was added alongside Inazuma in Genshin Impact\’s 2.0 update. The Ruin Sentinels drop a new type of material that players need to upgrade their weapons: the Chaos Gear (green), Chaos Axis (blue), and Chaos Oculus (purple). Players will need to farm these enemies to upgrade a lot of weapons released with Inazuma, so they will need to know how to fight them.

The Ruin Destroyer is the most well-known enemy among the Ruin Sentinels due to the annoyance that can come with facing it in combat. While Ruin Destroyers don\’t typically have high HP, they make up for it with the ability to deal a lot of damage to the player. It has been a frequent enemy of recent versions of the Spiral Abyss and is not uncommon to run across in Inazuma.

Strategy For Defeating The Ruin Destroyer In Genshin Impact

The Ruin Destroyer in Genshin Impact has a couple of different attacks that it will use when it combats with the player. The first attack is its most basic: the Ruin Destroyer will swing its body in a circle around itself, dealing damage. This attack can be dashed through or the player can simply move backward out of the range. The Ruin Destroyer can also fire small energy orbs toward the player that do minor damage.

The Ruin Destroyer can also create an energy field on the ground beneath the player. If the player stands in this field, their on-field character will take a large amount of damage over time, so it\’s best for the player to move their character out of the field as soon as possible. Shield characters in Genshin Impact are also highly recommended for this. And lastly, the Ruin Destroyer will unfold itself on the ground and create a vacuum field, pulling in the player and charging its core. After a brief period, the core will overload and explode, dealing damage to the player. While this vacuum field can be sprinted out of, this attack is the only one where the Ruin Destroyer\’s core is exposed, meaning the player can attack it and stun the enemy.

The most notable feature of the Ruin Destroyer is its animation to move around. To move from location to location, the Ruin Destroyer will use a lengthy animation where it drills itself into the ground and comes back up at its destination (this likely inspired the fight against the new Ruin Serpent boss). Players should keep in mind that the Ruin Destroyer is completely invulnerable to damage during this animation, so the best way for Genshin Impact players to fight this enemy is to be patient with their Elemental Burst cooldowns to avoid using them during the enemy\’s invulnerability period.

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