Genshin Impact: How To Defeat The Ruin Grader

Genshin Impact has many types of enemies that may prove challenging to newer or undergeared players, and one of these is the Ruin Grader. These enemies boast a high damage output that can be lethal to an unsuspecting player. Players should know what they are getting into before trying to take down one of these behemoths. Here\’s how to defeat a Ruin Grader in Genshin Impact.

Added alongside Dragonspine in Genshin Impact\’s Version 1.2, Ruin Graders are elite enemies that pose more of a threat than their more common cousins, Ruin Guards. They deal more damage, have a wider moveset, and have more HP. These enemies can be told apart from Ruin Guards by their larger size, and off-white and pale yellow are added to their color scheme, while Ruin Guards are mostly a dark brown.

Ruin Graders in Genshin Impact drop the same rewards as Ruin Guards, that being the weapon materials Chaos Device (green), Chaos Circuit (blue), and Chaos Core (purple), as well as a selection of Artifacts. Due to this, they are well worth adding to a player\’s route if they need to farm these materials to upgrade some of their weapons in Genshin Impact. There are a few on the map, but they\’re only found on Dragonspine and in Inazuma.

Ruin Grader Weaknesses In Genshin Impact & How To Beat It

The Ruin Grader in Genshin Impact has some basic attacks that are similar to the Ruin Guard: stomping its foot and clapping its hands together in front of it. These are easily avoidable by moving away or dashing (i-framing) through the animation. This enemy also has the same spin attack, in which the Ruin Grader will quickly spin its arms around itself and chase after the player. This attack deals a lot of damage if the player is caught in the animation, so it\’s best for them to simply keep their distance. However, the Ruin Grader has some new attacks that differentiate it from Ruin Guards in Genshin Impact.

One of these attacks is a charge, where the Ruin Grader will lower its arms and charge at the player, dealing large damage. This can simply be dashed around to avoid. The Ruin Grader also boasts the use of a laser and has two attacks with it. One is a focused laser that will chase after the player and another is where the Ruin Grader will sweep the laser in a circle around itself. The focused laser just needs to be run away from, and the player can move out of the range of the sweeping laser. The Ruin Grader can also leave orbs on the ground that will deal damage if walked over.

The best way to take down the Ruin Grader is to stun it by attacking its weak points. The Ruin Grader has three weak zones: its eye, and one on each of its legs. During combat in Genshin Impact, these weak points will occasionally glow yellow, meaning that they are vulnerable and can be attacked. When one weak spot is hit the first time, the Ruin Grader will be interrupted, stopping the animation of any attack it is in the middle of. When a weak spot is hit for the second time, the Ruin Grader will be stunned and will collapse to the ground, leaving a large opening for the player to freely deal damage.

Ruin Graders can be tough to take down at first, but when a player gets the hang of attacking the weak zones, they will be able to defeat them easily. Players should keep in mind to utilize other mechanics, like a character with a taunt (like Amber\’s Elemental Skill in Genshin Impact) to keep the Ruin Grader\’s attention or use a freeze team to keep the Ruin Grader in place. Either of these methods will make taking down the Ruin Grader an easy feat in Genshin Impact.

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