Genshin Impact: How To Defeat The Ruin Serpent In The Chasm (Boss Guide)

The Ruin Serpent is a new boss in Genshin Impact 2.6. In order to fully explore The Chasm, players will have to defeat this new snake-like Automaton enemy. While the boss isn\’t especially tough when compared to some weekly bosses, it\’s necessary to defeat the Ruin Serpent in order to advance the story. Here\’s everything to know about how to beat the Ruin Serpent in The Chasm of Genshin Impact.

The biggest problem with the Ruin Serpent is that it creates Oozing Concretions around the combat arena. If players fail to remove the Oozing Concretions, then the Ruin Serpent will use the Dark Mud to initiate a powerful attack, which could easily wipe a party if players aren\’t careful. To remove the Oozing Concretions, players will need to use the Blooming Light from their Lumenstone Adjuvant gadget, which will need to be level two or higher. If players don\’t have the Lumenstone Adjuvant gadget up to level two, then powerful parties full of leveled characters may still be able to take down the Ruin Serpent boss in Genshin Impact quickly enough to avoid a party wipe.

However, the Ruin Serpent\’s Oozing Concretions will start to diminish the Lumentsone Adjuvant’s energy. If the gadget runs out of energy,  players will need to wait until yellow crystals appear on the field and then destroy them to regenerate the Lumenstone Adjuvant\’s energy. Once all the Oozing Concretions have been successfully removed, the Ruin Serpent boss will be temporarily incapacitated and players can attack it quickly for maximum damage.

Best Genshin Impact Team Build For The Ruin Serpent Boss Fight

Besides using the Lumenstone Adjuvant to remove Oozing Concretions, the key to defeating the Ruin Serpent boss in Genshin Impact is to have the right team build. The Ruin Serpent jumps around a lot and has high Physical DMG resistance (70%) which means physical DPS characters aren\’t as useful in the fight. Instead, using ranged non-physical DPS can be the best strategy, as this makes it easier to hit the Ruin Serpent as it\’s moving around and its other resistances are significantly lower (10%).

Claymore characters can still work well against the Ruin Serpent, as can Geo users with shields (for protection) and blunt attackers in Genshin Impact like Raiden Shogun. For now, there\’s nothing immensely tricky about the Ruin Serpent boss fight in Genshin Impact, but the key is making sure to expel the Oozing Concretions quickly before they become too much of a problem and overwhelm a party.

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