Genshin Impact: How to Defeat & Unlock Kageroumaru as a Pet

Kageroumaru can be unlocked as a pet in Genshin Impact by completing a mission that involves fighting and defeating this powerful canine ninja. Kageroumaru is encountered during the final part of the \”Banton Sango Case Files: The Warrior Dog Event.\” With a strong Genshin Impact team, players can win the boss battle against Kageroumaru pretty easily and quickly. Before starting the boss battle, players will need to complete the other phases of the \”Banton Sango Case Files\” in Genshin Impact.

There are four parts to the \”Banton Sango Case Files\” event ending with \”Recognition,\” in which players will fight Kageroumaru as the final challenge. In order to defeat him, players will likely need to use a character that has shield or healing abilities. It\’s not required, as Kageroumaru is not a very difficult boss, but having one or both of the abilities will help if Kageroumaru happens to deal too much damage.

Once Kageroumaru is defeated, players can unlock him as a pet in Genshin Impact. There are several pets available in Genshin Impact including a variety of cats and dogs, but only some of them are tied to quests. Others can be found by exploring the world and searching in hard-to-reach places like on balconies or behind buildings. Pets unlocked via quests, like Kageroumaru, will only be available to interact with once the quest is completed.

Defeating and Unlocking Kageroumaru in Genshin Impact

If players have characters like Genshin Impact\’s Noelle, Barbara, Zhongli, or Diona on their team, they will be able to quickly defeat Kageroumaru without taking a lot of damage. Using shield abilities will make it easier to continuously strike Kageroumaru while protecting characters that deal high damage. Although the boss battle is fairly simple, Kageroumaru has a few attacks players should watch out for during the fight.

Kageroumaru uses mainly close-range attacks with his sword, but he can also produce statues of himself that will explode in a small radius. Players should dodge out of the way before continuing to go after Kageroumaru. He can use some Electro abilities that players should counter or avoid. Players can either get close and attack while dodging or use long-range attacks to quickly defeat Kageroumaru.

Once Kageroumaru has been defeated, a short cutscene will play before he is automatically unlocked as a pet. Players can use Kageroumaru as a companion and practice fighting with him. Kageroumaru will fight with his sword the same way he did during battle, but he won\’t use any of the special moves that were in the boss fight while practicing. Kageroumaru is one of several new pets that players can obtain in Genshin Impact.

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