Genshin Impact: How to Farm Kokomi’s Ascension Materials

Kokomi can continue to level up in Genshin Impact after the player collects the proper ascension materials. Joining the game back in September of 2021, Kokomi is a Hydro character from the Inazuma region. Like many of the other characters from Genshin Impact, the only way to obtain her is through an Event Wish. She has the chance to appear as part of the Drifting Luminescence banner, but since she\’s a five-start character, the odds of pulling for her are very low. The game does feature a mercy system that will eventually reward players with a five-star character. After obtaining Kokomi, the player will then need to invest resources to make her stronger.

Outside of Kokomi in Genshin Impact, it\’s also possible to pull Rosaria, Xingqui, and Beidou from the same Event Wish banner. With ascension, characters can go beyond their initial level cap for larger stats and talents. It also depends on the player\’s level for how far they can ascend certain characters. For example, Genshin Impact requires Adventure Rank 50 to get characters to ascension level 6. It\’s time-consuming, but investing these resources into Kokomi will make it easier to defeat challenging foes.

Kokomi has tons of different ascension items needed to level up. On the bright side, many of them can be found as drops for defeating enemies. The challenge is trying to figure out where to find these materials. Regardless, the player will need to collect dozens to hundreds of these materials in order to level up Kokomi. These are all the different ascension items she\’ll need.

Finding Every Ascension Material for Kokomi in Genshin Impact

Dew of Repudiation: Dropped by defeating the Hydro Hypostasis. It can be found in Suigetsu Pool in Watatsumi Island.Sango Pearl: These can be found randomly on the ground of Watatsumi Island. They refresh spawns every 48 hours.Spectral Husks: Dropped by defeating Specters. They can be found in Seirai Island and Watsumi Island.Spectral Heart: Dropped by defeating Specters. They can be found in Seirai Island and Watsumi Island.Spectral Nucleus: Dropped by defeating Specters. They can be found in Seirai Island and Watsumi Island.Varunda Lazurite: Dropped by defeating Hydro Hypostasis, Primo Geovishap, or Rhodeia of Loch.

Regardless of the player\’s Adventure Rank in Genshin Impact, it\’s important to collect these materials as they are available. Since many of these can only be found in Watatsumi Island, it\’s an excellent place to start. Do a lap and collect as many materials as possible before taking on Genshin Impact\’s weekly bosses. Not only that, but the player will need tons of Mora to push Kokomi to the next level. Like all the other characters, Kokomi will reach her final cap after reaching ascension level 6.

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