Genshin Impact: How to Find Aru (Subterranean Trials of Drake & Serpent)

In Genshin Impact, players will need to find Aru, an NPC for the Subterranean Trials of Drake and Serpent quest. Aru is a shade that players will encounter when they activate Evernight with the mechanism in Dainichi Mikoshi. The shade advises that he will guide the player in the Byakuyakoku trials. For their first objective, the shade will task players with finding three Reins of Revival Fragments. Each of these Fragments is hidden in a different area of Enkanomiya, and accordingly, the quest is split into three parts: The Trail of Drake and Serpent, The Heart of Ouroboros, and Dreams in the Gaps.

Of note, before players can find Aru and begin their search for Fragments, they will first need to unlock Enkanomiya in Genshin Impact. To unlock this watery region, players will need to complete several quests and reach at least Adventure Level 30. Additionally, because Aru can only be found during Evernight, players will first need to obtain the Golden Bridle to unlock the device in Dainichi Mikoshi to change the Enkanomiya region from Whitenight to Evernight and back again. Additionally, the mechanic of changing between Whitenight and Evernight will be essential to complete the puzzles required to find Aru\’s three Reins of Revival Fragments.

To find the Golden Bridle needed to unlock the mechanism, players will need to explore the Enkanomiya region\’s library and solve its puzzle as part of the From Dusk to Dawn in Byakuyakoku world quest. Entering a small building will open a path to the library\’s rear, where players can solve a puzzle with Triangular Mechanisms to open a pathway that leads to an Exquisite Chest containing a Dull Golden Bridle. Once players have this object, they will be able to change Enkanomiya to Evernight and find Aru.

Where To Find Reins of Revival Fragments in Genshin Impact

Players should start with the Secret Room underground near the Evernight Temple to find the three Reins of Revival Fragments Aru requested. Once players solve a puzzle, they will find a chest with the Reins of Revival Fragment (Temple). This will also complete the Trail of Drake and Serpent puzzle in Genshin Impact. The other two fragments are found by solving puzzles in The Narrows and at The Serpent\’s Heart island. To find the Reins of Revival Fragment hidden in The Narrows, players will need to locate a cave hidden near a waterfall.

Once inside, players will need to solve a puzzle to receive the fragment from an Exquisite Chest. For the final Reins of Revival Fragment, players will find the chest blocked by a yellow force field near the center waypoint. To remove the force field, players will need to solve a puzzle in the temple behind it by jumping through portals. Once completed, players will have earned the third and final Reins of Revival Fragment from a chest in Genshin Impact.

Once players find the three fragments and return them to Aru, he will task them with their final mission, to defeat the Primordial Bathysmal Vishap in Genshin Impact. This enemy can be found in Dainichi Mikoshi in Enkanomiya, and the player must defeat it to receive its Bloodbranch Coral and finish Aru\’s quest.

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