Genshin Impact: How to Find (& Defeat) the Great Snowboar King

The Great Snowboar King is one of the more unique bosses in Genshin Impact, but it can be tricky to find without knowing where to look. While most bosses in Genshin Impact grant rewards like character ascension materials and artifacts, the Snowboar King drops large quantities of Raw Meat. This makes it a great boss to challenge if players are running low on food resources.

Unlike most bosses, the Great Snowboar King doesn’t require players to spend Resin to collect rewards from beating it. Thus, players can challenge this boss as many times as they want to farm meat and Mora if they’re running low. Here’s how to find the boss, and how to defeat it.

The Great Snowboar King can be located in Dragonspine. To begin the fight, players will have to head to the cliff area southeast of the Dragonspine Statue of the Seven. Here, they’ll see a path that’s littered with frozen boars on either side. Players will need to bring a Pyro character with them to unfreeze all the boars and unlock the boss.

How to Find and Defeat the Great Snowboar King Boss in Genshin Impact

Unlike regular frozen boars in Genshin Impact, these boars won’t despawn after freezing. This means they’ll run around the area until players kill them. Players will need to have their Pyro user character unfreeze all the boars, then kill every boar along this path, which will then spawn the main boss at the end of the path.

The Snowboar King deals mainly with Physical Attacks. Its signature move includes a fast charge, during which the boar will zoom toward players at full speed. Players will have to dodge these attacks, but it also helps to bring along a character that can provide Shields to protect the player character in case they get hit.

The Snowboar has a few more abilities. One allows him to summon other regular boars, which don’t do damage but shoot snowballs that can obstruct the player\’s vision. If the player takes too long to defeat the boss, it will enter a Rage State and gain a new ability during which it jumps around the stage, dealing AoE damage upon landing.

Diluc Chilled Meat

To counter the boar\’s charge, players can use a character that can place Geo constructs, such as Zhongli. By placing a Geo construct in front of the boar while it charges, the boar will bump into it and get stunned, allowing players more time to attack without worrying about being hit. This trick can work up to three times.

To defeat the Snowboar with ease, players are going to want to bring their strongest DPS. A Pyro Main DPS is a good choice, since players will already be in Dragonspine, and it’s helpful to have a character that can light fires to keep the player character from freezing. There is a lack of warming spots in the area where the Boar King fight takes place, so it would also be helpful for players to bring a character who can heal, to prevent them from dying of cold during the battle. After defeating the boss, it will drop between six to ten Chilled Meats that players can process and use to cook various Genshin Impact foods.

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