Genshin Impact: How to Find (& Defeat) the Thunder Manifestation

The Thunder Manifestation is a new boss introduced in Genshin Impact’s Version 2.1 update. While its appearance is very similar to the Oceanid in Liyue, the Thunder Manifestation is an Electro boss with an entirely new moveset and new rewards.

The Thunder Manifestation is a Normal Boss that can be found on Amakumo Peak on Seirai Island in Inazuma. The boss drops Mora, Vajrada (Electro) gemstones, artifacts, and an entirely new item: Storm Beads. For players looking to farm these items, here’s how to find and defeat the Thunder Manifestation.

Before players are able to challenge the boss, they first need to unlock it by completing the Seirai Stormchasers quest series. This quest is initiated by talking to Katheryne in Inazuma and involves completing Warding Stone puzzles to clear Seirai Island of the thunderstorm. At the end of the quest, players will have to fight the Thunder Manifestation. Afterward, players will be able to challenge the boss as a regular Normal Boss.

How to Defeat the Thunder Manifestation Boss in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Thunder Manifestation Boss Fight

The Thunder Manifestation in Genshin Impact has two separate states it can be in during the fight, and its moveset depends on which state it’s in. At the start of the fight, the boss will be in its regular state, and will have the following abilities:

Strike Probes: Flies into the air and releases several Electro probes around the arena. These probes pulse to deal AoE Electro DMG. If the player enters the range of one of these probes, the boss gains 25% Rage.Random Strikes: Strikes lightning randomly around the arena, dealing Electro DMG.Full Arena Strike: Occurs after reaching less than 75% HP if not enraged. Unleashes an Electro shockwave that strikes the whole arena, automatically enraging the boss.

Once the Manifestation enters its enraged state, the boss gains the following new abilities:

Blink: Teleports to a different place in the arena.Slicing Storm: Curls up and rotates its wings, slicing forward to deal normal DMG.Thunderous Roar: Flies into the air and roars, sending shockwaves that deal large Electro AoE DMG.Walls of Lightning: Summons two walls of lightning to the player’s sides that close in on them, dealing Electro DMG on impact.Sundering Plumes: Forms five sets of electric feathers that are sent after the player and deal Electro DMG.Dive Bomb: Flies to the border of the arena and dives towards the player.Torrential Descent: Flies up and summons several lightning bolts to repeatedly strike the player.Oscillating Prison: Charges up and targets the player with a thunder circle, eventually unleashing a prison that traps the player, dealing Electro DMG.

Because the Thunder Manifestation is a boss that strictly utilizes the Electro element, the boss is immune to Electro damage. This means characters who deal Electro damage are useless in this fight. Players should bring Pyro or Cryo DPS units to fight this boss, as these are the elements the Thunder Manifestation is weakest to.

While the boss flies into the air for certain attacks, it is often close to the ground, meaning characters who deal Melee damage are viable for the fight. However, players should bring at least one Bow or Catalyst user to deal damage while the boss is flying or teleporting around the arena. Finally, the Thunder Manifestation increases its rage meter by dealing damage to the character. Thus, bringing characters who can provide shields, like Noelle, Zhongli, or Diona, is extremely helpful for this fight.

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