Genshin Impact: How to Find More Spectral Hearts (& What They’re For)

Genshin Impact players looking to farm new 2.1 items will likely be looking for Spectral Hearts. Spectral Hearts are a new common ascension material introduced in the Version 2.1 update. They’re dropped by Specters, a new floating enemy players may not have encountered yet.

Spectral Hearts are essential for leveling up Aloy and Sanganomiya Kokomi, as well as the two new weapons The Catch and Everlasting Moonglow. Players looking to ascend these characters or weapons will need to farm Spectral Hearts. Here’s how to find them.

To obtain Spectral Hearts, players will need to go to Inazuma first. Inazuma is unlocked by completing the Mondstadt and Liyue Archon Quests, and by reaching at least Adventure Rank 30. Once players complete those two requirements, they’ll be able to begin the quest in which players are taken to Inazuma on Beidou’s ship.

How to Farm Spectral Hearts in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Kokomi Fighting Anemo Specter

Specters are Common Enemies found exclusively in Inazuma. They are small, spherical floating creatures made up of elements, and can appear in Anemo, Geo, and Hydro forms. Specters fly and can survive underwater, making them relatively tricky to fight. In addition, they grow and deal more damage the more damage they take.

To fight Specters, players should bring a catalyst or bow user to deal damage at a distance. Specters are immune to the element they are aligned with, but players can use a Pyro or Cryo DPS unit to ensure they’re able to deal damage to every type of Specter. Once defeated, Specters drop either Spectral Husks (Level 1+), Spectral Hearts (Level 40+), or Spectral Nucleus (Level 60+). Spectral Hearts and Nuclei can be crafted from the material below them.

Players looking to fully ascend Kokomi or Aloy will need a total of 66 Spectral Hearts for each character. In addition, the 5-Star Weapon Everlasting Moonglow requires 23 Spectral Hearts to ascend. Most players likely don’t have Everlasting Moonglow, but The Catch can be obtained for free by fishing and trading with the Inazuma Fishing Association. This polearm works great with Baal and requires a total of 15 Spectral Hearts to ascend.

Genshin Impact’s 2.1 Update and all the content that came with it is still relatively new, meaning it’s likely there will be more characters and weapons added later that require Spectral Hearts to level up. To prepare for future updates, players should try and farm and hold onto this item whenever they can.

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