Genshin Impact: How to Get the Bountiful Year Recipe

During the \”Lotus Eater\” World Quest in Enkanomiya, Genshin Impact fans could exchange their Dragonbone Orb to Linlang in Liyue\’s Xigu Antiques for Mora ×80,000 and Bountiful Year ×5. Previously, this was the only way to obtain the Bountiful Year food item. However, with the ongoing \”Fleeting Colors in Flight\” event, players can acquire the Bountiful Year Recipe by participating in Genshin Impact\’s Part III event challenges of the \”The Great Gathering\” Theme.

The challenge that players will want to complete to obtain the Bountiful Year Recipe is \”The Key Catch.\” This particular challenge is located in the Guyun Stone Forest of Liyue\’s Sea of Clouds region. By finishing The Great Gathering\’s \”The Key Catch,\” Genshin Impact fans will earn the recipe, Primogems ×30, and Immaculate Talismans x200. It is recommended that players attempt the objective with high-burst DPS characters, as the challenge provides bonus prizes for those who complete it swiftly. More specifically, players who can fulfill the challenge with more than 90 seconds remaining will receive Hero\’s Wit ×3, Mora ×60,000, and Mystic Enhancement Ore ×6.

Travelers who have yet to arrive on the faraway islands of Genshin Impact\’s Guyun Stone Forest can easily reach the location by gliding off the tall cliff edge northeast of Liyue Harbor. It should take less than a minute or two to get to the nearest island\’s shoreline. After arriving, players need to head to the first islet in the southern cluster to start \”The Key Catch.\” However, this challenge can only be activated once players have completed the previous Part I and II of The Great Gathering.

Where To Obtain The Bountiful Year Recipe In Genshin Impact

After beginning the challenge, Genshin Impact players will need to defeat a group of Treasure Hoarder elites. To remove their damage buffs, they can use the Quelling Firecrackers from the firecracker boxes around the area that deal AoE Pyro damage. As mentioned above, it would be wise to use one\’s best DPS characters for this fight, such as Ganyu, Hu Tao, Ayaka, Eula, or Xiao in Genshin Impact.

After beating all the enemies, players can open the \”Fleeting Colors in Flight\” event menu to receive the Bountiful Year Recipe in Genshin Impact and the rest of their well-earned rewards. To make Bountiful Year, players will need the following ingredients:

Fish ×4Carrot ×4Onion ×2Violetgrass ×1

At perfect (Delicious) quality, Bountiful Year will raise the player\’s party members\’ ATK by 320 and CRIT Rate by 10% for 300 seconds.

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