Genshin Impact: How to Get the Dragon Beard Noodles Recipe

The Dragon Beard Noodles Recipe is one of several new Food Items added to Genshin Impact in the 2.4 Update. However, most of the meals are only for quest-related objectives or for special one-time uses, making the noodles the only \”real\” useable recipe. Consuming a bowl of Dragon Beard Noodles will provide the Traveler\’s party with an ATK damage bonus of 194, a sizeable buff that lasts 5 minutes. Keep in mind that this cooked meal\’s status effect in Genshin Impact only applies to the player characters and not members in Co-Op Mode.

The boosted stats of the Dragon Beard Noodles will vary depending on how properly the food was cooked. The Suspicious variant will only increase the ATK of party members by approximately 80% of a suitably prepared meal\’s original buff. Conversely, a bowl of Delicious Dragon Beard Noodles will improve the ATK range by roughly 20% of its initial value. Additionally, Travelers who have the new Cryo character Shenhe in their roster can have her cook the noodles to create Heartstring Noodles, a specialty food item that will raise party ATK damage by an immense 274.

The new Dragon Beard Noodles may not impress players as much as the 5-star Adeptus\’ Temptation or 4-star Jade Parcels. Yet, its required ingredients are easy to obtain in Genshin Impact, making its buff value relatively worthwhile compared to its crafting requirements. First, players can get the Dragon Beard Noodles Recipe for 4,500 Mora from Chef Mao at the Wanmin Restaurant located on the eastern side of Liyue Harbor. Next, to craft Dragon Beard Noodles, players will need Flour x 4, Fowl x 2, Mushroom x 2, Ham x 1.

How to Make Dragon Beard Noodles in Genshin Impact

The only refined ingredient is the Ham, which can be processed in Genshin Impact within 5 minutes by using Raw Meat x 2 and Salt x 1. Alternatively, Chef Mao and Sara of the Good Hunter sell Ham in their Weekly Stock for 630 Mora each. The next ingredient, Flour, can be processed in one minute using Wheat x 1 or purchased from any food vendor for 150 Mora a sack.

Genshin Impact mushrooms are commonly found across Teyvat but grow particularly well in Mondstadt, Liyue\’s Bishui Plain, and Qiongji Estuary. Chef Mao is the only NPC who sells Mushrooms for 180 Mora each, restocking ten shrooms every three days. Finally, Fowl is acquired from random loot or hunting birds about the world. Expeditions in Windrise, Mondstadt or Nazuchi Beach, Inazuma are good farming sources for Fowl as well. Draff Kätzlein, a Hunter in Springvale, Mondstadt, will have a daily supply of Fowl and Raw Meat for 240 apiece.

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